Aspire Cleito Pro (MESH) Replacement Coils 5-Pack


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Aspire Cleito Pro Mesh Coils

5 x Aspire Cleito Pro replacements coils (0.15 Ohm Pro mesh coils and 0.5 Ohm Pro Standard coils):

Aspire Cleito Pro Mesh Coils have been designed specifically for the new Aspire Cleito Pro tank but are compatible with the Cleito tank range too. We offer both the standard and the Cleito Pro Mesh coil options. These coils are designed for maximum flavour and vapour production by replacing the traditional static chimney found inside most e-cig tanks. Cleito Pro coils are designed so that the coil functions as the air flow chimney, this reduces restrictions and frees up air flow allowing for more vapour and better, richer flavours, the new wicking system avoids dry hits.

Both coils are excellent for vapour production and compatible with Cleito and Cleito EXO tanks. While the Cleito pro coil is rated at 0.5 ohms and 60-80 watts, the Cleito Pro Mesh coil is rated at 0.15 ohms and 60-75 watts, and like all mesh coils, will further enhance flavor.

Cleito Pro Mesh and Standard Pro Coil ratings:

  • 0.15 ohm mesh: 60-75W
  • 0.5 ohm: 60-80W
  • Compatible with the Cleito and Cleito EXO Tanks

Aspire Cleito Pro Coil UK Kit Contents

5 x Aspire Cleito Pro MESH Replacement Coils 0.15 Ohm


5 x Aspire Cleito Pro Replacement Coils 0.5 Ohm

aspire cleito pro Mesh coils

Choosing to Aspire

Aspire UK is a relatively new-comer to the vaping scene, established in 2013. However with over 25 patented products like the Cleito Coil, Aspire have quickly moved to the forefront of the vaping world. The Aspire Cleito and Nautilus range of tanks gained a reputation of being a quality device and a very simple but excellent tank. The Cleito Tank, Cleito coils and accessories take vaping to the next level and the Aspire tank is now recognised as being one of the best tank systems available for 2017.

Please Note: Make sure you are using a compatible battery that is capable of supporting Cleito Pro sub ohm resistance levels for TC coils. See our batteries which are compatible. To avoid coil damage make sure you prime the new coil by dripping 3-5 drops of e-Juice onto the cotton held within the coil and leave to soak for 2-3 minutes prior to vaping. Our help desk team are there to help you if you need advice or assistance.

Aspire Cleito Pro Coil Instructions: Replacing Coils

  • Hold the Cleito tank upside down
  • Unscrew and remove the tank base,
  • The Coil Unit is located in the centre of the tank base
  • Unscrew and replace the Cleito mesh coil with a fresh atomiser head
  • Finger Tighten plus a slight additional turn so that the coil is FIRMLY in place
  • Replace the tank base taking care not to over tighten

changing aspire cleito pro mesh coil

To avoid damage to the Cleito Pro coil and Mesh coil wick in the atomiser head always make sure you prime your coils by adding few drops of e liquid to the Cleito Coils and waiting a minute or two prior to vaping.

Leak proofing your Cleito Pro Mesh coils

Your Cleito Coils are manufactured with precision so will not leak providing you use the product and parts correctly. Where any leaks have occurred, we have solved almost all by taking the following steps. 

  • When using the Pro coils for the first time ensure all the parts of your tank are tightened properly, this involves finger tightening then an extra 1/16th turn
  • Ensure the O-ring seals are correctly in place in your Cleito Pro Tank
  • Make sure the Cleito Pro coil in the tank is finger tightening then an extra 1/16th turn
  • When cleaning or replacing the coil carry out the above procedures.
  • Close the Cleito Pro air flow when not in use.
  • Ensure you have the correct temperature/power settings for your particular device. The Cleito Pro coils have ratings and should be kept within maximum and minimum recommended settings. Too high and your device will pop and crackle which may cause spots of e liquid to escape via the air-intake. 

Where product has been returned, we have found that TIGHTENING the PIECES properly resolves any leak issue. 


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