RipTide RipStick Pods x5

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  • RipTide RipStick Pods x5
  • Ripstick prefilled synthetic nicotine  vape juice pods x5
  • Ripstick kit and pods, the best synthetic vape juice in the UK.
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Pod Capacity, Size,


Pod Capacity:
1.4 ml
2 cm x 3.5 cm


Pick up 5 disposable RipTide RipStick prefilled Pods in our bundle and enjoy the next generation of vaping. Get a richer and smoother nicotine experience with the revolutionary RipStick vape pod, powered by tobacco free nicotine: NicTech.

RipStick Vape Pods

Free from Benzoic acid, the main ingredient used in nicotine salts to create that beloved 'throat hit', these vape pods utilise this pure nicotine to curb cravings that those trying to quit cigarettes will often face.

Using tobacco free nicotine known as NicTech, the RipStick Pods are also free from any of the impurities and odours associated with the tobacco plant expect a full flavoured, delicious vape that will taste great time after time.

They come in two different nicotine strengths for you to enjoy: 12mg/ml and 20mg/ml.

Six flavoursome disposable pods to choose from

Take your pick at your next truly-satisfying draw. Ranging from a new take on tobacco to the sweet and fruity hits we love to savour.

Bright Leaf Tobacco

The amazingly different Bright Leaf Tobacco is a distinguishable e-liquid flavour that is accompanied by a pleasant aftertaste. There really is nothing quite like it.


Think sweet. A cool, crisp taste swirls around your throat before leaving a hit of beloved menthol.

Blue Raspberry

For a sweet and summer breeze of ripe fruit and mouth-puckering zest, Blue Raspberry offers a taste sensation for those looking to add a drop of fun to their vaping.


With natural tones of a green mango, and the freshness of a forest, the Mango flavoured e-liquid is a welcome addition to any vapers palate.


Blended up strawberries, coconut and prack create this daiquiri-inspired flavoured e-liquid - a swirling fruity taste that’s light and enjoyable.

Berry Crunch

Soft-tasting and scrumptious, this breakfast-time-inspired flavour combines our loves of what we want and what we need in an e-liquid pod.

Note: This product cannot be shipped to the USA or Canada, please visit www.vaperiptide.com or www.vaperiptide.ca for purchasing in these countries.

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