RipTide RipStick Device

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  • Riptide Ripstick Device
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Pod Capacity:
1.4 ml
2.2 x 10.5 cm
500 mAh


Ride the wave with RipTide and purchase the RipStick - embrace the next generation of vaping with this disposable vape pod system. Creating the ultimate vaping experience, choose one of 6 flavoured RipStick pods sold separately and prepare for a new way to vape, free from tobacco.

RipTide Ripstick Device

Only made in a cool, jet black finish, the RipStick introduces a truly new tobacco-free vaping experience. With a RipTide logo that lights up when draw-activated, it’ll also serve as an indicator for your pod's connectivity and the devices battery life - as the light changes colour.

Not only will the battery provide you with a consistent vaping experience that will last the entire day, but each draw will also provide you with the same satisfaction from your first to last vape.

The RipStick Device includes:

  • 1x RipStick Device
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x User Guide

RipStick special features

The RipStick exhibits an upgraded 500mAh battery that provides consistent wattage output, seamless pod connectivity and battery indicator light. It’s small, light-weight design fits perfectly into your hand and helps those wishing to be discreet with their vaping. Engineered to slip into pockets or bags without a fuss, combined with its non-leaking functionality, it is an ideal on-the-go device. The draw-activated device also comes with a user guide and a USB-C charger cable.

Please note that this device does not come with any RipStick pods, and that they are sold separately.

Note: This product cannot be shipped to the USA or Canada, please visit www.vaperiptide.com or www.vaperiptide.ca for purchasing in these countries.

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