RipTide RipStick Starter Kit

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  • Riptide Ripstick kit with disposable pods
  • The Riptide Ripstick Vape Pod Kit
  • Ripstick 500 mAh battery and a pod
  • Ripstick Starter kit with 6 flavour pods
  • Riptide RipStick Starter Kit with tobacco NicTech liquid
  • Ripstick with NicTech Mint e-liquid
  • Riptide Ripstick: Ideal Shisha vape with 6 flavours
  • Ripstick vape Kit with NicTech Blue Raspberry  e-liquid
  • Riptide Ripstick and mint pod
  • Riptide Ripstick and Berry Crunch liquid pod
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Pod Capacity, Size, Battery, Colour, Packaging,


Pod Capacity:
3 X 1.4 ml
10 mm X 22 mm X 88 mm
500 mAh
May vary


RipStick Starter Kit

The RipStick Starter Kit contains the RipTide RipStick device and 3 vape pods of your choice. Choose your flavour and strength and experience as the next generation in vape technology. Powered by NichTech, this tobacco free nicotine-driven prefilled pod kit conquered America and is now available in the UK.

Made by vapers for vapers, the RipStick Start Kit (an ideal all-in-one vape kit) contains everything a user could want in looking to either quit smoking, transition away from cigarettes and nicotine, or a vaper looking to experience something new.

Through NicTech, the flavour of the RipStick pods are second-to-none. Containing no benzoic acid that is found in traditional tobacco plant-extracted e-liquid, the enhanced tobacco-free nicotine technology produces higher satisfaction, greater taste and a smoother-than-salt draw.
Get the RipStick Starter Kit and #RIDEtheWAVE with a superior vape pod system.

The RipStick Starter Kit contains:

  • 1x RipStick Device
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x User Guide
  • 3x RipStick Pods  (4.2 ml) 

The perfect vape device for a flavoursome draw

Utilising the power of its 500mAh battery, the consistent wattage output of the RipStick and RipStick pod unite to form a highly functional vape pod device that has not only substance but also has the style to match.

Experience 6 different, incredible flavours free from tobacco, Benzoic acid and additional impurities in the pre-filled RipStick pods. Choose from 2 nicotine strengths (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml) and expect vaping to get that bit tastier and nicotine cravings to be truly satisfied.

RipStick Pod flavours include:

  • Bright Leaf Tobacco
  • Mint
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mango
  • Tropical
  • Berry Crunch


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Note: This product cannot be shipped to the USA or Canada, please visit www.vaperiptide.com or www.vaperiptide.ca for purchasing in these countries.

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