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Voom Portable Charging Case

The Voom Personal Charging Case has been designed for use with the Voom Pod Starter kit only. This case is pocket-sized and yet still boasts a 1200mah built-in battery, which has enough capacity to recharge the Voom device up to four times on a full battery.

As a bonus, each case also has a slot that will hold a spare Voom prefilled or Voom refillable pod, so you'll never be caught short.

Voom Personal Charging Case Features:

  • 1200mAh Battery
  • Compact Build
  • USB-C Recharging

The Voom Portable Charging Case (PCC) is a compact device that quickly and efficiently charges your device whilst on the go. Simply insert your Voom device in and close the lid, and your Voom will start charging. The case is slim and compact and can easily and comfortably fit into a bag or pocket.

Available in gold and grey colours, you can match this case to your kit for a uniform look. Even though it boasts a large battery, it's quick to recharge via the USB-C cable that’s included. This case is the ideal accessory for your Voom pod kit and will help your kit and pods stay organised.

Package Contains:

  • Voom Portable Charging Case
  • USB-C Cable
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    Just what I needed

    Posted by Wade on 11th Jul 2023

    I travel quite frequently and I use the voom vape just as frequently. This charging case is brilliant for not only charging my device up whenever it is dead, but also for keeping my device nice and secure for when I am on the move. Its a great size and doesn't feel too clunky - slips nicely in my bag or even my pocket. Although this was a little bit on the pricey side, it is a great piece of tech that any voom vape users should have.