Best Dry Herb Vaporizers. Vape Industry Reviews

Our range of Pro Vaporizers for dry herb or tobacco have outstanding industry reviews. Some of the best dry herb vaporizer review summaries are listed below. The Vapour2 PRO Seroes 7 range is marketed in the USA under the Prohibited brand name and called "in The 5th Degree" product range and are recognised as top of the range dry herb vaporizers. PRO 7 Series Dry Herb Vaporizers are also available in the UK. V2, Vapour2 and Prohibited are trademarks of VMR Products LLC

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Our Vapour2 range of UK Pro Series tobacco and dry herb vape kits are the same excellent product as marketed by Prohibited, however we have included the e liquid cartridge and dry herb cartridge in our kits. Alternatively if you want an optimised vape device for herb or aromatherapy use we also offer a selection of the best herb vaporizers.

These dry herb vaporizer reviews show that our Heat not Burn herb products are of the best quality, versatile and excellent value for money.

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Industry Dry Herb Vape Reviews

inverse online Pro 5 dry herb review

"Their vaporizers are honestly, unabashedly designed for dry herb, and their latest product, In the 5th Degree — or just 5th Degree for short — aims to be the most efficient and versatile device on the market."


high times v2 pro review

"Even with the addition of an additional cartridge, it is priced below the competition.... In addition to its versatility and functionality, In the 5th Degree makes it easier than ever to travel with your vape."


churn mag heat not burn dry herb tobacco review

"The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer is the coolest new gadget to hit the market for vaping dry herb and concentrates. In fact, it's the coolest one we've ever seen."


know techie review, tobacco e cigarette vaporizers

"Most will agree that a good handheld vaporizer is one that's easily operated, isn't cumbersome to hold, has a long-lasting battery, and doesn’t break the bank. In this sense, the Prohibited Fifth Degree is perhaps the platonic ideal of a handheld vaporizer, and at $200, it's a steal."



"If you want style and in your face attitude mixed with convenient practicality and high performance then you want the Prohibited."


the official k2incense dry herb vape review

"The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer is the single best purchase you can make right now. It blows away the Pax series kits and pretty much anything else portable on the market today. In this field you truly get what you pay for..."


UK herb vape pen reviews

"For herb enthusiasts the 'in the 5th Degree' herb vaporizer from Prohibited is the Pro 7 version to get, it is widely accepted as one of the best herb vaporizers..."

"Designed with interchangeable cartridges so you can smoke concentrates or dry herb whenever you please, the Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer is one of the industry’s most highly coveted products... we've got a winner!"


All related products are intended for aromatherapy purposes only or for medicinal use and in states and countries where their use is legal.