​E-Liquid Flavours For The Summer

​E-Liquid Flavours For The Summer

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 13th Jul 2020

Vaping Summer E-liquid Flavours

Are you looking for a new flavour of e-liquid? Do you fancy finding a flavourful e-juice to complement the summer sun? Just in time for the sunshine, we've got a whole host of fruity concoctions that'll not only entertain your tastebuds but provide you with the lasting flavour and satisfaction that you look for in a premium e-liquid.

Why Switching E-Liquid Flavours is Important

Whether your go-to e-liquid flavour is gold tobacco, menthol, or coffee; it's feasible that you feel pretty content with your favourite e-liquid flavour. So why change? Depending on how much you vape, your olfactory senses can become a little clogged up with the same flavours. Our olfactory sensors are located in our nasal cavity, which essentially determines our ability to smell and taste effectively. Able to sense sweet, sour, salty and bitter, overloading your sensors with one flavour of e-liquid may lead to a loss of taste and smell for an indefinite period of time. Known in the vaping community as 'vapers tongue', identifying a few flavours that appeal to your taste buds means that you'll be able to switch flavours regularly ensuring that you experience a great-tasting vape that leaves you feeling satisfied for longer.

Six E-Liquid Flavours to Fill Your Summer With

With sunshine just around the corner, we thought we take a quick look at six sensational e-liquids that we feel are essential to your summer vaping. Fruity, flavourful and fit for a summers day vaping away…which will you choose?

Just like sipping on your favourite cocktail poolside, indulge your senses with this oh so sweet Sunset Mojito E-Liquid made by your beloved vape juice Dinner Lady. Blending tangy lime with fresh mint, vape away and get set to taste some sunshine. Yes, please. Featuring a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, expect some sizable vape clouds together that is packed with flavour.

Experience the oh so sweet taste of red cherries with this superb premium e-liquid from VSAVI. A smooth vape that tastes great, if you're looking for a straight cherry flavour without any added extras, then look no further.

With a name synonymous with hot days spent in the sunshine, IVG's Summer Blaze is a fruit cocktail of sumptuous Sicilian Lemonade and Mixed Summer Fruits, expect this fruity number to hit all the right sweet spots. A shortfall e-liquid, simply add your desired strength of nicotine shot to the bottle and expect a satisfying hit of flavour and vapour.

Dinner Lady Shortfill E-liquid Sunset Mojito

VSAVI Platinum E-liquid

Sunset Mojito by Dinner Lady E-liquid
from £14.49
Platinum E-liquid
from £5.99

Summer Blaze by IVG Shortfill
from £14.49

For those who love nothing more than the sweet taste of ripe honey Mangos, this e-liquid by Hangsen Classics is a must for anyone who loves a tropical taste to accompany their vape. With a 50/50 VG/PG ratio this e-liquid certainly packs a flavourful punch that'll transport you to paradise in an instant.

A refreshing vape that features the citrus tone's of lime and complemented perfectly with a hint of sweet cherry, if you're looking for a vape that bursts with the flavour of summer, then this is the e-liquid for you. With a VG/PG ratio of 15/85, you'll enjoy maximum flavour with a nice cloud size to suit.

Whisk yourself away and get ready for a juicy explosion in your mouth courtesy of Dinner Lady's Watermelon Slices. Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, add the taste of sour fizz to the mix, and you've got yourself a certified classic sweet shop taste to vape with. Suitable for sub-ohm vaping, this 70/30 VG/PG ratio is ready to create the ultimate vape cloud.

 Hangsen Classics 50/50 E-Liquid 10ml

 Cherry Lime E-liquid by XEO

Watermelon Slices E-Liquid Shortfill by Dinner Lady

Hangsen Classic 50/50 E-liquid
from £2.50
XEO Cherry Lime
from £3.99

Watermelon Slices Shortfill
from £14.49

Staying Smoke-Free

Vaping is an excellent way for smokers to quit smoking and should only be taken up by existing smokers seeking to be smoke-free. Providing a far less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, Public Health England's expert report cites vaping to be up 95% less harmful than smoking. If you know someone who smokes, why not make a friendly suggestion and usher them in the direction of an E-Liquid Starter Kit. Fuss-free and easy to use, getting started is as simple as saying 'stop smoking'.