Can You Take E-Liquid on a Plane and Through Airport Security?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 26th May 2023

Airplane Viewing Window

Wherever you’re flying internationally during 2023, the whole process can be stressful. What should you take and what is allowed through airport and flight security? Questions are frequently asked regarding the rules for your e-liquids but any vape devices too.

Is there a size limitation on vape juice bottles? Different airlines and airports have regulations that vary and change all the time. Therefore, it’s important to keep in the loop and up to date. Below you will find everything explained in detail, so you have nothing to worry about.

What Liquids Can You Pack in Your Suitcase Currently?

At the time of writing, for most airlines the rules stipulate that any individual can only carry 100ml of e-liquid through customs and on board the plane. This is the same regardless of the airline, some examples are Ryanair, EasyJet and British Airways all follow similar regulations.

The 100ml rule came into effect following a 2006 bomb threat and has frustrated jetsetters for more than a decade. Currently, if you have 10ml nicotine e-liquids or 2ml disposables (which is TPD compliant), any bottle of e-liquid should not be more than 100ml anyway, so it meets the terms that are ok.

Regarding where you store them, e-liquids are not allowed in checked luggage. Instead, any bottles of vape juice should be stored in your hold luggage on board the flight.

Our advice is to also check what’s permitted in terms of vape products regarding your chosen destination. Because not all countries accept vape products with the same open arms as the UK.

Examples such as Australia have recently announced a ban on all non-prescription e-liquids and devices for instance.

To be safe, check with both your airline and online for the rules of the country where you’re travelling for peace of mind before leaving the UK and upon your return.

Man Holding Clear Bag With Liquids at Airport Security

What About Disposables?

Despite being all-in-one devices, disposables containing pre-filled e-liquid from popular brands like Elf Bar, Elux, Geek Bar and Lost Mary are allowed on board flights in hand luggage. Airline rules strictly state that no devices are permitted for use while a passenger is on the aircraft for health and safety reasons.

Therefore, when buying and using disposables, it’s best to either use them at the airport in a designated zone or keep sealed inside the packaging until arriving at your destination. For the same reasons as above, you can not keep disposables in checked luggage.

All liquids should be kept in sealable see-through bags which you can often find available for free at airports.

Are the Rules About to Change?

Yes, the UK government has announced that all airports will have to adhere to new technology, that can automatically scan liquids of any size up to 2L. This is fantastic news for travellers, whether that’s for families on holiday or people flying for business trips. What it will mean is a speed up in waiting times and less hassle.

For the vaping industry, it will mean you can carry much more e-liquid and you will not need to get the bottles out of your bags.

Instead, the new scanners can detect any liquid and electrical equipment such as vape devices inside your carry-on bags and suitcases.

 Airport Security Scanners With Luggage

So not only will you have less time queuing but it will create a much smoother transition through airport security, including shorter waiting times.

The government has announced that all airports in the UK will need to implement this technology by June 2024 as a deadline.

While this is great for minimising time waiting through airport security, there is no news so far from the biggest airlines such as British Airways and Ryanair about what quantities of liquid will be allowed on each departing and arriving plane from and into the UK.

We can only imagine that the rules will match those of the aiports for upcoming 2L restrictions. Airports such as Teeside near Darlington and recently London City Airport have already announced that they have implemented the new scanners and technology for all passengers.

Good News for Vapers

With all the restrictions and tight regulations in place for e-cigarettes in the UK and most certainly abroad, this liquid change is welcome news for the industry.

Hopefully once the rules for liquids are implemented across every stage of international flights and in all UK airports, it will be much easier to fly with your vape device, e-liquids and other accessories. While fingers crossed this technology is implemented too on a global scale!

In the meantime, keep to the 100ml rule and check with your chosen airline before making your way to the airport to prevent any delays for yourself, travelling parties and other passengers. If you need to learn more about the ‘biggest shake-up of airport security rules in decades’, check out the press release which explains in greater detail what to expect moving forward with the exciting liquid policy change nationwide.

Wherever you’re flying internationally during 2023, the whole process can be stressful. What should you take and what is allowed through airport and flight security?