Edge E-Liquid Review - Our Top 7 Picks

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 19th Nov 2021

The great thing about the vaping industry is the innovation and wide range of e-liquids available to e-cigarette enthusiasts. Whatever you like - whether that’s large clouds, a fruity vape juice, warm vapour or simply interested in a smooth nicotine hit, there’s something for everyone. Edge e-liquids tick all of those boxes with some fantastic flavours and options, from savoury to sweet. But which is the best? Let’s explore your options.

What Do We Know About Edge?

Edge is a UK-based manufacturer that set a high standard for producing quality vape juice and vape kits. Whether you’re just starting as a vaper, or already know your coils from your cotton wick, Edge has been a mainstay since 2016, going from strength to strength establishing itself as a key player in vaping circles. Tested in a laboratory to ensure maximum flavour under strict measures, the list below demonstrates the exciting possibilities and versatility you have as a vaper to alternate between flavours

Top 7 Edge E-Liquid Flavours

This vape juice makes number one on our list because it appeals to so many people. Menthol is always a popular choice with vapers and those who miss the sensation of smoking. That cool throat kick is enough on its own but when you add the sweet but subtle flavours of cherry too, that’s something you can’t get with smoking. With so many flavours to pick from, vapers are spoilt for choice. Cherry Ice Menthol is a delightful example of that versatility.

Menthol - check, forest fruits - double-check and a mild drop of anise as well - triple check! These flavours combine wonderfully to give vapers that oomph they need in the morning. Smooth on the inhale and fresh on the exhale, all of the Edge e-liquids are available in a 50/50 VG and PG balance. That way you get a nice blend of cloud production and flavour to match alongside the throat hit former smokers need.

No description can do this Blackcurrant e-liquid justice, that’s how good it is! Smooth, bursting with flavour and not too sickly, it hits just the right spot for vapers. A highly recommended option for anyone who loves the sharp notes of blackcurrant flavoured vape juice, it may be the best version of the dark violet-coloured fruit.

Next on our list, we have a fantastic concoction of fruity delights - Strawberry and Lime. You have the sweet sensation of strawberry on the inhale and the sharp citrus flavours of lime on the exhale, with neither flavour too overpowering. Just the right mix which creates a dessert alternative if you’ve had a big meal!

You can’t have an e-liquid list without classic menthol, which Edge takes one step further with their Very Menthol option. It’s double the kick at the back of the throat if you’re after an extra buzz from your menthol e-liquid.

Sample the delicious fruits of the orchard with Forest Fruits from Edge. This is a highly rated long-lasting taste of blueberries and strawberries which blends nicely for a refreshing vape. It has more of a floral feel about it and less sweet so if that’s something you’re after, Forest Fruits is the winning ticket!

A nice and refreshing tangy option, this Blueberry e-liquid from Edge is bursting with flavour. All of the bottles are available at the EU TPD requirements of 10ml when containing nicotine. All vapers can pick from 6mg or 12mg nicotine strength, so it depends on what stage of the journey you’re at when picking up an Edge e-liquid!

Are Edge E-Liquids Compatible With All Vape Kits?

The good news, the 50VG/50PG balanced e-liquids from Edge works with a wide range of vape kits because of the split between Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Vaped at a low or high wattage, it’s best to start at a low setting to avoid burning your coils and see how you get on with the flavour. Then when you’ve reached the preferred taste, happy days! We recommend pairing the Edge e-liquids with the compatible Edge Pro MTL kit as a greater starter device for beginners who can familiarise themselves with the e-liquid and even works well as a simple vape pen for advanced vapers who need a backup or compact option.


This is not a list set in stone and like with most topics in vaping, it’s subjective because everybody has different interests and preferred go-to e-liquids. Nevertheless, what’s good about Edge is the diverse range of options they offer, whether it’s traditional flavours like the menthol you’re familiar with because of former habits as a smoker or fruity blends like Strawberry and Lime. Why not join the discussion on our social channels such as Facebook and Twitter to discuss your thoughts on your favourite e-liquid with like-minded vapers.

The great thing about the vaping industry is the innovation and wide range of e-liquids available to e-cigarette enthusiasts.