Gold Bar Disposable Vape Review – Gold Star for the Design!

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 16th Nov 2023

Every once in a while, you stumble across a product in the vaping industry that stands out as something new and different. A device with an innovative feature or style, which grabs the attention of the public.

With the Gold Bar from the relatively new and upcoming brand Vape Gold, we potentially have the winning ‘golden’ ticket in the disposable vape category! Check out below as we explore its stylish design features, any setbacks and whether it’s the right disposable for you.

What Defines the Gold Bar as a Unique Product?

Let’s get straight into it by highlighting that the major attraction of this device is the design and the flavours.

We challenge any vape fanatic to not to be drawn towards the appearance and build quality.

From the packaging to the finished product that you hold and vape in your hands, we give five stars to Vape Gold for the impressive display of the product as it’s delivered to your door.

The packaging itself is very well presented with the device sealed inside a trendy black plastic wrapping, which keeps it nicely secured inside until ready to vape.

There are more than 22 different flavours to pick from, which are a mixture of fruit and menthol flavours.

While many disposable brands copy flavour profiles to stay current, Vape Gold has created some distinctive and unique flavour profiles that deliver truly amazing flavour from the ‘hyper mesh’ coils design.

Not entirely sure what they mean by that coil design, with not too much detail on their official website, but the flavour is excellent from initial tests.

How Does the Gold Bar from Vape Gold Compare to Other Disposables on the Market?

The flavour options are the key attraction for those seeking a fresh new disposable to vape. Examples like Oasis (which we think is based on the fruity drink), with mixed berries, Bora Bora (grapefruit with berries) and Hawaiian Sunrise (a blend of peach, pineapple and watermelon) demonstrate the unique creativity of not just how they market the products but the awesome mix of flavours.

In terms of the specifications, Vape Gold has created the Gold Bar to match the nicotine habits of heavy smokers, with a 20mg nicotine salt strength. It’s very smooth on the throat and delivers high nicotine satisfaction, so it’s ideal for those switching straight from heavy smoking habits.

With auto-draw, like most disposable vapes, you don’t have to worry about pressing buttons or adjusting airflow, which is always an added bonus for beginners.

Key Specifications Of The Gold Bar Disposable Kit

  • 22 different flavours!
  • Hyper mesh coils
  • 600 puffs
  • 20mg nicotine salts
  • 2ml capacity disposable
  • Auto-draw function

How Does It Vape?

We loved everything about the vape experience when we tested the Gold Bars!

Not only does the device stand out in a crowd because of the flawless design, but it vapes smooth consistent flavour from each puff of roughly 600 per device.

The flavour from the hyper mesh coils is strong and long-lasting, plus there is a nice hint of ice from some of the flavours (which are labelled on the device) to give a generous cooling effect.

And it’s quite surprising how much cloud you get from each puff too, so you could vape this device MTL or RDL at a push with the 1.2 Ohm coil.

Is There a Best Flavour from the Collection?

With so many flavours to pick from, there should be something for everyone. As we know from customer product reviews and discussions on social channels, vaping causes great debate and divides opinions, as flavours are subjective.

Some brands provide flavours that are too sweet, strong or lacking flavour, but from the select few we have highlighted below, Gold Bars carry great long-lasting taste and strong nicotine satisfaction, while the delivery is reliable, and the battery life is generous too. Here are our top picks:

Oasis: Just like the classic sweet refreshing drink, Oasis the vape flavour is an amalgamation of delicious berry and other fruity flavours, with a hint of apple, as well as strawberries, delivering a punchy vape experience with an icy exhale.

Peach Mango Watermelon: Vape Gold has done a good job of mixing the fruity flavours together. As you can expect with such a unique combination, some are clearly more prominent than others, with watermelon at the forefront of the e-liquid stored inside. It’s still tasty nonetheless and delivers a very sweet vape.

Strawberry Parfait: This is a cool flavour concept that we’ve not seen before too many times from e-liquid manufacturers. It essentially tastes like a creamy strawberry buttery pastry, delivering sweet yet rich notes to deliver a refreshing new flavour.

Design And Functionality Explained

The look is bold, the practical nature of the device is a welcome bonus for beginners and the all-round build quality is something to marvel at for those seeking a premium disposable vape kit. It just has an elegant look about it in our opinion, not too flashy or gimmick-like with a shiny gold artwork, but easy on the eye with modest elegance.

For comfort, the mouthpiece has a slight curve, and the material feels smooth when holding in the hand. Plus, there is a cool blue LED at the base of the device, which lights up when activated from the mouthpiece – a nice little design feature.

When you think of gold, automatically you think of wealth, luxury and high-class products. With the Gold Bar, it’s certainly one of the most stylish disposable vapes we’ve seen to date and all for an affordable price of under £5 per product.


To summarise, we believe Vape Gold has done a stellar job adding something unique and fresh to the industry, giving vapers a new device to try and another choice to add to their collection. Equally, it may just be the kind of kit that appeals to smokers looking to quit, but thinking bulky vape kits look too ostentatious with no unique selling point.

The Gold Bar does deliver great flavour, a decent battery life, easy use and what many will consider an appealing form factor and design. The colour automatically catches the eye and there are some new exciting flavours to try. It’s a nice job by Vape Gold to create an original device tailored towards beginners but offering a different spin on traditional disposables. And there could be a market there for a reusable pod kit too, if they explore that avenue as a brand!

Every once in a while, you stumble across a product in the vaping industry that stands out as something new and different. A device with an innovative feature or style, which grabs the attention of the public.