How to turn on Smok Mag?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 22nd Feb 2019

Vaper using the Smok Mag to blow clouds  

If you’re new to the vaping community, your new vaping device can seem like an alien piece of technology. We understand that all you want to do is to begin puffing away on large flumes of vapour filled with rich flavour. Once you’ve changed your coil and filled your device with your preferred e-liquid flavours, the only thing to do next is turn your device on. This can often be the most difficult part if you’re new to the technology. But don’t worry, this handy guide will provide you with all the info you need while getting you vaping in no time at all.

How to turn on Smok Mag?

Turning on your smog mag vape couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, you must locate your vape’s main fire button. This is the button that is the device’s on/off button. If there are numerous buttons on your new-fangled device, then consult your instruction manual where the fire button will be clearly outlined. If you’re one of those people who’s thrown your instruction manual away, then this is probably why you’re reading this guide.

Most contemporary vaping devices have a lock feature which freezes the vape while it’s being stored. This ensures ultimate vape safety and stops the vape from misfiring while stored in your pocket or bag. Most vapes also require the fire button to be pressed 5 times to unlock the device, and a further 3 times to access the menu. This may seem like something of a hassle now, but your dexterity will improve at a similar rate to the speed you access your phone password.

With your vape now turned on, the only thing left to do is…VAPE. Take some long puffs on the deep and rich flavours of your new liquid as you watch the world go by.

Other features of Smok Mag

The Smok Mag vape possesses many other great features to help improve your vaping experience. Smok are renowned for their research and development capabilities and the new technology they bring to the industry. Take advantage of USB charging and firmware update capabilities while making the most of the comforting grip present on the device. There’s also a selection of coils with varying Ohm settings to improve the temperatures and performance of your vape.

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