How to update Smok Mag Firmware?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 27th Feb 2019

SMOK Mag 225W with TFV12 TankThe vaping industry has grown significantly over the last couple of years with the products available on the market showing how much electronic cigarette technology has advanced. Vaping brands like Smok have become an industry leader within the vaping world for releasing highly technical yet easy to use vaping products while throwing themselves into new avenues of research and development.

It’s this research and development that has brought rise to the growth of modified vapes and adjustable firmware that can be completed at the click of a mouse. With the technology within a vape constantly changing it helps to possess a vape that can move with the times and adapt to new features without having to go to any greater expense. This guide will go into some of the finer details surrounding the Smok Mag firmware and how to update your device to create the perfect personalised vaping experience

What is Smok Mag Firmware?

Firmware is the technology within your device that allows you to upgrade and modify your vape without having to buy new pieces of equipment. The industry has since moved on from temperature adjustable vapes, but this offers a valuable example when referring to how we update firmware. Let’s say some new technology is released onto the market. A new material used in vapes to deliver higher temperatures and a more enjoyable vaping experience. Some of your current vapes won’t be suited to the new technologies and may need updating.

Smok Mag vapes can be plugged into your computer via USB, enabling you to download new software and capabilities onto your vaping device. Firmware upgrades are available across a number of different areas, from improving the wattage capabilities and temperature settings on your vape to updating the on-screen information visible on your device. If you want to stay up-to-date and possess all the latest vaping products, possessing a Smok Mag vape with adjustable firmware is the only way to do so.

How to update Smoke Mag Firmware

Updating the firmware on your Smok Mag device couldn’t be simpler. All the latest  smok mag vapes come with USB capabilities meaning you can connect your device to your computer in no time at all and update your firmware while charging your device. The UK mag kit is Smok’s most ergonomically designed device yet, with an easy-to-use functionality and a range of settings that can be altered by connecting your device via USB to your computer.

The decision to update your Smok Mag is completely down to you. Some say that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, but this doesn’t really apply if you’re looking to procure the cutting edge of vaping technology. Simply connect your vape to your computer and consider your upgrade options.

How to enjoy the best vaping experience

The vaping community has grown significantly over the last couple of years with more and more people finding their own little niches within the industry. As the number of global smokers decreases to around 1.1 billion worldwide, forecasts within the vaping community expect there to reach almost 55 million by 2021. It’s important, however, to remain healthy and on the ball when maintaining and using your e-cigarettes. This enjoyment and safe usage can be created by ensuring that you’re updating your firmware when necessary and always changing your liquids to ensure rich flavours and huge vapours are prominent within your vape. Take a look across our website to discover the products we have on offer.