Innokin Coolfire Z60 and Zlide Top Tank Review

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 8th Nov 2022

Innokin Coolfire Z60 Mod and Two Innokin Zlide Top Tanks

Innokin over the years has produced some of the most reliable starter kits and advanced mods. So whether you’re seeking a user-friendly pod system that easily fits in the pocket, or wants to upgrade or tinker with adjustable settings and features, there’s something for everyone.

The Innokin Coolfire range is the closest collection of kits that they’ve created that caters to all levels of vaping. Granted, the Innokin Spectre and Endura vape pens are popular in their own right but for purely versatile features Coolfire reigns supreme. The new Innokin Coolfire Z60 mod follows the Coolfire Z50, Coolfire Mini and the Coolfire Z80 with a few notable differences to excite MTL & RDL vapers who’re familiar with the range.

How Does the Innokin Coolfire Z60 Compare to Previous Mods?

Innokin CoolFire Z50 Starter Kit

Innokin CoolFire Z50 Starter Kit

In terms of how the Z60 looks, as you can see from the table below, it’s pretty close to resembling its predecessors. The key change is the new Zlide Top Tank, which has a top airflow system and a new duo 0.6 Ohm Z coil to go with the tank. It has a larger internal battery than the Z50 (2100mAh) and the Z80, which runs on a singular 18650 external battery.

All of these mods are popular because they have so many different coils to pick from, offering the best flexible experience for mouth-to-lung or restrictive direct lung vaping. Innokin added the coil refresh and coil plus mode with the Z80, which you also get with the new Z60 mod, and have not looked back since, providing even longer-lasting flavour for each coil.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 2500mAh battery
  • Adjustable top airflow
  • MTL & RDL coils and drip tips
  • 6-60W
  • Sliding top fill
  • Combination of power modes
  • On and off switch
  • Multiple protection modes
  • Weight: 197g
  • 35.73mm x 27mm x 119.45mm

Let’s Discuss the Innokin Z Coils

With the Z60 kit you get two coils, the 0.3 Ohm RDL mesh Kanthal coil from the previous range originally designed for the popular Zenith Tank, which vapes between 30-40W and the new 0.6 Ohm Duoprime coil, that’s tailor-made for MTL vaping. Innokin advises you vape the latter at a much lower wattage range between 9-12W.

At 0.6 Ohm, the difference is you get a much warmer vape which produces fantastic flavour and performs admirably thanks to the mesh design. It has an inner and outer layer created to automatically prepare the e-liquid wicked on the outside ready for the best performance when it reaches the centre of the coil.

And better yet, once you hit the refresh mode, this manually renews the life of a coil that feels like it’s on its last legs, saturating your wick and clearing residue by heating the coil at 40% of the vape wattage. Another way you can do this is by keeping the Z60 in coil + mode, which automatically does this with each hit of the fire button.

How Do They Perform With the Kit?

The best thing about the large collection of coils that pair with the Z60 (eight in total) is the versatility you have when vaping. Whatever resistance works for you to maximise the performance, whether you prefer mouth-to-lung or a slightly restrictive direct lung hit. The coils last plenty thanks to the various power modes that increase longevity. The top fill Zlide Top tank is another key reason for this Z60 getting a tip of the hat from us.

It has a teardrop airflow system which you can twist to gradually restrict or open the airflow. The design means chances of leaking are very minimal and you have a choice of two mouthpieces (removable) to optimise how you vape. The coils are easy to fit and the sliding mechanism at the top of the tank ensures easy filling of e-liquids. It’s convenient because with the majority of the bottles you use the dropper fits in the gap without needing to remove the mouthpiece.

The tank does make a bit of noise when in coil + mode, which may bug some vapers but this is subjective and depends on what matters more to you. This tends to happen with lots of Sub-Ohm coils and tanks combined with that sort of whistling sound. Nevertheless, for coil longevity, long-lasting flavour and ensuring you get the most from your accessories and e-liquids, you can’t go wrong with the Z60 and Zlide Top Tank combination.

Innokin Coolfire Z60 - How it Looks and Practicality

Just like the Coolfire Z50, the Coolfire Z60 from Innokin has a useful on/off switch to guarantee the kit doesn’t go off in your pocket. The tank has a similar practical sleek look to the previous Zlide and Zenith tanks but is updated with top airflow to improve cloud consistency and help to prevent vape juice leaks.

Available in a range of colour schemes, the two-tone devices are made from premium quality materials and a high-grade zinc alloy, making them extremely durable. Super easy to navigate through the menu of various settings and with a nice protruding fire button, vaping couldn’t be easier or more comfortable, thanks to the multiple drip tips in RDL and MTL.

How to Use the Device

  1. To turn on the device, make sure the switch at the bottom is turned on and then click the fire button three times to turn it on and three again when you wish to turn the Z60 off.
  2. For replacing the coils, unscrew the base of the Zlide Top Tank anti-clockwise, pull the coil out, then you can also pull the bubble glass off if you need to clean or change that, and finally add your new glass, and then push the coil back into place, lining up the straight edges with the tank. Clean out the base and then screw it back onto the bottom of the tank in a clockwise motion.
  3. You can lock the device by pressing the fire button and the down button simultaneously. Press the same again to unlock when you’re done.
  4. Hold the up or down button to activate the adjustable wattage. The data on the screen will blink, and then you can proceed to change higher or lower to match the coil in the Z60. Once it reaches 60W it round robins back to 6W and goes up in increments of 0.5W at a time.
  5. The fire button and up button together highlight the summary menu with all of your key data.
  6. Pressing the up and down buttons together accesses the menu, where you can change several features.

For a visual guide to understanding how to operate and utilise the key functions of your Innokin Coolfire Z60, view this Innokin video here from one of the designers.

Any Disadvantages?

  • The noise is a little bit loud when in coil + mode and with the RDL coils. But while this offers the option of RDL and MTL, its target market is mouth-to-lung vapers
  • You do need to remove the mouthpiece with some of the e-liquid bottles yet this only takes a second and is not a major issue or time-consuming factor


If you’re new to the Coolfire range, the Z60 is a definite upgrade in terms of functionality and performance thanks to the addition of the Coil + and Refresh modes, as well as the top airflow Zlide Top Tank. As a stand-alone device aside from the series, the Z60 provides a fantastic MTL vape, albeit not too dissimilar from the previous Z80 mod. But with the new airflow adjustment and its ability to perform restrictive direct lung, it’s certainly worth considering for most levels of vaping.

The Innokin Z60 kit is another product from the well-known brand with excellent build quality, with a visibly clear screen that’s simple to navigate through the various settings and modes. For your basic MTL setup plus RDL capabilities, it’s another top-notch product from Innokin, always reliable and boasting fantastic flavour to complement the fantastic wide range of Z coils.

Innokin over the years has produced some of the most reliable starter kits and advanced mods. So whether you’re seeking a user-friendly pod system that easily fits in the pocket, or wants to upgrade or tinker with adjustable settings and features, there’s something for everyone.