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Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 28th Feb 2020

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The Ripstick and Pods are no longer available to purchase in the UK. We do however stock some great alternative prefilled nic salt pods here.

Discover the latest revolutionary product in nicotine technology; a new range by RipTide that will lead to a truly satisfying vaping experience.

Ever get the feeling that your vaping experience isn’t what it could be? Looking for a vape pen and e-liquid that provide you with the satisfying nicotine hit and smooth draw that has been lacking from your current set-up?

Look no further, the latest addition in vaping technology advancement has arrived. Say hello to the rip-roaringly brilliant RipStick Device and Pods by RipTide.

Hello RipTide!

If you count yourself as one of the vapers who feels like their vaping experience isn’t matching their needs, then it may be the case that you were once quite the smoker. If we’re taking a wild stab in the dark here, it may be because you were used to the more potent nicotine hit that typically comes from strong cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

To match the nicotine and throat hit that you were once familiar with you may be vaping more intensely and more often just to feel more satisfied. While vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking cigarettes, unbeknownst to you, you will actually be increasing the amount of nicotine that your body is absorbing, compared to when you were a smoker. While you wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle, you could well be more hooked to nicotine than you ever have been.


If you’re serious about leading a healthier lifestyle and are sick of continually vaping to get what you need, then the RipTide RipStick may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The pre-filled RipStick Pods are vape pods containing revolutionary NicTech nicotine technology that promises to provide twice the nicotine satisfaction compared with leading competitors

Pure Nicotine Is Tobacco Free Nicotine

This aforementioned NicTech found in RipTide’s RipStick Pods is tobacco free nicotine - nicotine made in a lab. It’s purity comes from its origin, or rather how it differs from the origin of traditional nicotine. Nicotine most commonly found in nic salts and your common e-liquids is a compound extracted from the tobacco plant.

What is NicTech?

NicTech is therefore 99% pure nicotine and is entirely free of any of tobacco’s pollutants and impurities typically found in pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

The purity of this nicotine product means that not only will you experience a remarkably similar draw to that of smoking, but you also won't need to vape as frequently to keep your nicotine cravings at bay. While vaping should be a healthy lifestyle choice that smokers make to become smoke-free, it can be easy to overlook the overriding aim of leading a healthier lifestyle - which means being free of nicotine too.

By vaping less, your habits will naturally change for the better, and in time you'll find yourself reaching for your vape pen less and less.


The RipTide Product Range

The RipTide product range is satisfyingly straightforward. Affordable and super easy to use, whether you’re after a device or pre-filled pods, enjoy a truly satisfying vape that’ll keep cravings firmly curbed for longer than you might expect. Take a look at the products below:

RipStick Device: Sleek and discreet, this 500mAh battery-powered vape pen comes in a jet-black finish that comes with a draw-activated LED-lit logo to indicate battery life and pod connectivity. Providing a consistent power output, expect a consistently great vape, morning, noon and night with only 30 minutes charge.

RipStick Pod: Sold separately from the device, these flavoured e-liquid pods come in 2 different strengths: 12mg/ml and 20mg/ml to help with the transition of cutting down. Expect a big hit that’ll leave feeling suitably satisfied. Choose from 6 flavours: Bright Leaf Tobacco, Mint, Blue Raspberry, Mango, Tropical or Berry Crunch.

RipStick Starter Kit: If you like to do things the easy way, there is, of course, the option to combine the two products above and opt for a ready-to-go starter kit. The all-in-one vape kit includes the RipStick Device and one RipStick Pod (your choice of flavour and strength). You’ll even save yourself some pennies!

RipStick Pod Sample Pack: Not sure which flavour you might like? Fancy a bit of variety with your vape? Sample the complete RipStick Pod flavour range with this handy bundle. Since money to be saved here, you'd be silly not to give it a go at least once to find what flavour you prefer to #RIDEtheWAVE with.

For more information about our range of products, feel free to contact us via. the live chat on this page, our contact us page or through social media.

The Ripstick and Pods are no longer available to purchase in the UK. We do however stock some great alternative prefilled nic salt pods here.