​SMOK R-Kiss 2 Review - Why Does it Stand Out?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 1st Feb 2022

​SMOK R-Kiss 2 Review - Why Does It Stand Out?

Are vape mods making a comeback? As we know, the vaping industry trends change all the time, with pod vape systems currently rising in popularity throughout the UK. But MTL vaping is not for everyone. Some vapers love DTL vaping large clouds and enhanced flavour after making the initial switch from cigarettes. For those preferences, SMOK has always staked a claim for the best creators of vape mods that pack performance and consistency into a handheld mod. And 2022 could be the year for the reemergence of the DTL kits, with SMOK potentially producing the next in line - the SMOK R-Kiss 2. What are its key features and does it perform well consistently? Our review reveals all you need to know.

Key Specifications Of The SMOK R-Kiss 2

  • 5-200W power output for Sub-Ohm vaping
  • 1.3 inch TFT display
  • High-performing IQ-S chip
  • Dual 18650 batteries (sold separately)
  • TFV Mini V2 Tank
  • Overdischarge, Short Circuit, Overcharge, Low Voltage and Overheat protection
  • Mesh coils
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • 2.0A type-c charging

How Does It Vape?

Fantastic flavour and longevity from the mesh coils, producing huge clouds of vapour when you open up the airflow midway. We wouldn't recommend firing at a lower wattage, as it can cause leaks if the recommended wattage on the coils is not matched. Because of its power, it’s possible to use up your e-liquid pretty quickly, but that’s expected from the dual 18650 mod, designed with Sub-Ohm fanatics in mind. If you love cloud chasing and long sustained flavour, this is the mod for you.

What you get with this mod and tank is versatility. Because of the option to use single or dual mesh coils, the R-Kiss 2 offers vapers different advantages. For instance, the single mesh is denser and stronger in flavour, creating more vapour and airflow. Alternatively, you could opt for the dual mesh which is slightly more restricted and creates less noise from the tank.

Can You Change The Coils Manually?

You can change the coils yourself with the SMOK Mini V2 Tank, which is also compatible with a few other SMOK devices. Just start by unscrewing the base of the tank to take out the coil which will be attached to the base. Then proceed to unscrew the coil attached in a clockwise motion. There are two options with your coils, both Sub-Ohm single mesh, best vaped at:

  • A1 Single Mesh 0.17ohm (90-140 watts)
  • A2 Dual Mesh 0.2ohm (85-105 watts)
  • S1 Single Mesh 0.15ohm (40-80 watts)

A little trick to ensure the coils are threaded correctly to avoid leaking is by turning the coil anti-clockwise till you hear a click then turning again clockwise to thread into place. To prime them, add a couple of drops in the outside mesh gape and saturate the inside of the mesh coils. Then slide open your Mini V2 Tank to add the e-liquid.

Design And Functionality Explained

Like previous popular mods from SMOK like the X-Priv and the Alien, the R-Kiss 2 like its predecessor has a big TFT display on the front so you can easily see the menu and various settings you can adjust. The design is a big plus with the kit, with a honeycomb texture and fantastic two-gradient colour allowing the tank to match against the mod. On your display you can see the wattage, voltage, puff counter (ideal for Sub-Ohm to track your progress) and button timer, highlighting the speed to vape after firing the device.

What’s cool about the R-Kiss 2 is you can change the colour theme on the screen to alter based on the mod you pick. You can lock the screen, alter the wattage and clear the puff counter. We love the firebar on the side to power the device, really practical for vapers instead of a small fire button.

There are plenty of different settings such as bypass mode, which you can read more about in the manual. However, we advise against using the bypass because it’s fixed at 200W and because the coils are recommended at max 140 watts, it would burn your coils quite quickly in bypass.

To fit the 18650 batteries, open the door at the bottom of the device and match up with the positive and negative indicators, painted on the inside of the battery door panel.


If you are after a stylish mod that looks great, is clear to read, simple to use and powerful, the SMOK R-Kiss 2 could be the vape mod for you. That’s because of its main features like the huge display, the ability to change colour themes and the different mesh coils available. It’s a versatile piece of equipment that gives you a variety of options. However, it’s not designed for low wattage and pushes the mod to the limit at the highest wattage setting. So it’s down to personal opinion and preference. For those who want to vape between 70-120W, it’s the ideal kit. Vapers who seek a DTL device and want to take the step up from an MTL pod vape, the R-Kiss 2 is the perfect advanced mod for vapers in 2022. The flavour is rich and the clouds are large, what’s not to like? Give it a browse below!

Are vape mods making a comeback? As we know, the vaping industry trends change all the time, with pod vape systems currently rising in popularity throughout the UK. But MTL vaping is not for everyone.