Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 28th Jun 2019

Floating OrangesHow’s your summer so far? As we weather the deluge of wet stuff that seems to be falling from the sky, we thought we would share our top tips for 5 refreshing e-liquid flavours to try this summer. Whether you’re planning yourself a staycation or invite your friends over for a bbq, take a look at these tasty e-liquids, theres bound to be something for everybody.

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Watermelon (VSAVI Gourmet Range)

For those seeking a super fresh tasting vape with plenty of cloud production, look no further than the crisp flavours of Watermelon. This tasty treat from VSAVI’s 100% VG Gourmet Range uses the best ingredients to produce a sweet tasting vape that bears a remarkable resemblance to the real thing. Close your eyes, and you could well be on a white sandy beach on a desert island, tucking into a tasty slice of thirst-quenching watermelon.

Green Tea Mint (Vapour2 Platinum)

Feeling the heat? Looking to cool down? Relax and unwind in your downtime with Vapour2 Platinum’s Green Tea Mint. Offering a refreshing tasting vape for the hot nights ahead, Vapour2’s signature quality e-juice uses an optimized blend of PG and VG to give you maximum vapour production, robust flavour and a clean aftertaste.

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Indigo Dive (Vype Cool Collection)

For those who enjoy the sensation of a sweet tasting summer cocktail, Indigo Dive from Vype’s Cool Collection is an e-juice that has the flavours of summer in abundance. Combining the deep and fruity tones of blackcurrant and icy menthol, experience a complex and characterful  flavoured vape that will see you through the summer – come rain or come shine.

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Elder (VSAVI)

Delivering a high-quality vaping experience on a consistent basis, VSAVI’s Elder flavoured e-juice is certainly one to try. A little bit different to the sometimes, sickly sweet e juices available, Elder is flowery and fruity with subtle undertones of citrus that’ll leave you with a clean and fresh aftertaste when you vape. Ideal f0r accompanying you on a lazy afternoon in the garden, VSAVI’s 100% VG Elder flavoured e-juice could be your new favourite for the foreseeable future.

Fresh Apple (Vype)

There’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a fresh juicy apple on a summer’s morning is there? Vype’s Fresh Apple flavoured e-liquid combines the taste of zesty green apples and mint leaves that work together to leave you with a sweet yet cool tasting vape. Perfect for vaping poolside on a hot summers day.

What E-liquid Flavour Will Suit You Best?

If like many of us, you’re a creature of habit, it may well be feasible that you have trouble deciding which flavour of e-juice to try next. If you’re keen on trying out a selection of e-juice flavours this summer, then why not opt for a flavour sample pack of e-liquid. Both Vapour2 and VSAVI offer some great selections, which give you the option to try out various flavours of e-liquid enabling you to pick a favourite for the future.