​What’s the Top 6 Christmas E-Liquids?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 16th Dec 2021

What’s The Top 6 Christmas E-Liquids?

Christmas. As they say in that famous Andy Williams song, It’s the most wonderful time of the year. A festive holiday for being together with family, celebrating, opening presents, drinking and eating lots among those who matter the most to you. Traditions remain and we each create new ones every year too. What most people associate with Christmas is the food on the table and knocking back the beverages around the fire. Vapers like to experience those familiar flavours just as much during the cold winter months and get all nostalgic during December. With so many choices in the vape juice industry, what would be your ideal Christmas e-liquid? We sprinkle a few favourites on this page and make a different Christmas list.

Top 6 Christmas E-Liquids 2021 - Best Festive Flavours

So what makes the Christmas rundown of festive flavours? We’ve opted not for the typical mince pie flavoured vape or strawberry trifle option but instead picked a few sweet, some savoury and added in a few e-liquids you would typically drink around the Christmas holidays.

Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble

Number one on our list is a dessert favourite and often a pudding shared among families all year round. Courtesy of the Blackberry Crumble Shortfill from Dinner Lady, you get a warm vape bursting from the bottle with flavour and producing excellent clouds. This reminds you of the buttery dessert (without the custard), providing a strong VG/PG ratio at 70:30. An essential on any vaper's nice and naughty list, it brings the welcoming winter dessert to your e-liquid tank at Christmas.

Edge Forest Fruits

Next up, it’s the fruits of the Forest from popular e-liquid manufacturer Edge. Although we often pile on the weight over Christmas (and why not it’s the holidays!), it’s nice to pick fruit not just in our desserts but in our e-liquids too. Forest gateau or trifle with a bit of cream is a popular alternative to Christmas pudding and you can get close to that with Edge Forest Fruits. Tasting like a blend of strawberries and blueberries, it’s sweet on the inhale and exhale.

V2 Vsavi Platinum - Chocolate

Last on the list of sweet e-liquid flavours for Christmas 2021, it would be rude to miss out on chocolate. If you can’t get enough of it in physical format with some Lindt or chocolate calendars, why not add it to your e-liquid collection too. With the Vsavi Platinum range, you don’t just have traditional options such as Mint or Tobacco but yummy chocolate flavoured vape juice.

Available in high PG, try chocolate with a smooth throat hit and a small amount of cloud for a generous mouth to lung experience.

Vuse Smoked Whisky

Who doesn’t like a drop of alcohol over the Christmas break? Whether that’s a shade of brandy or a beer meeting friends at the local pub, it’s nice to relax with friends and family after the ups and downs of 2021. You can do the same when picking up the vape. As far as research goes, we understand that passive vapour doesn’t harm others. So vape away with Vuse and their Smoked Whisky e-liquid.

With a hint of vanilla, it’s a sweet yet subtle taste that offers a warm flavour to anyone who adds it to their device. The perfect mix for this time of year.

Voom Nic Salt Pods - Coffee

Christmas is a time synonymous with bold rich flavours and strong aromatic smells. It’s also the primary focus of December for many, often feeling hectic and chaotic, but in an exciting way. People often drink coffee in the morning as a method to control these sorts of emotions and to perk themselves up before work, cooking a mammoth roast dining on Christmas morning or gathering enough energy to build all the toys kids love to unwrap during the festive season.

With the Voom pods, you can select coffee flavoured e-liquid this Christmas via the nic salt process. It’s smoother and allows a higher nicotine strength (20mg), which is ideal for former heavy smokers needing a similar amount in their system.

Double Drip Cherry Cream Soda Shortfill

Can’t complete Christmas without a few fizzy drinks. Supermarkets seem to love stocking up on Buck Fizz and Schloer for Xmas but we can’t think of anything more nostalgic than a sweet carbonated classic like Cherry Cream Soda to vape. Tangy and tasty but not bubbly, it’s the refreshing flavour you expect during the cold winter months.

While these six e-liquids make our list, they may not make yours as vaping is a hotly debated topic after all! Everyone has different taste buds or ideas about the e-liquid flavours that remind them of the holiday season. Pure E-Liquids have plenty of other vape juice options, why not take a look below and leave a comment in the reviews about your favourite!

Christmas. As they say in that famous Andy Williams song, It’s the most wonderful time of the year. A festive holiday for being together with family, celebrating, opening presents, drinking and eating lots among those who matter the most to you.