Top 6 Pod Salt E-Liquids

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 24th Aug 2021

Mixture of Pod Salt E-Liquids Alongside the Packaging

Any vaper transitioning from smoking seeks the same throat hit, strength of nicotine and hope to save a few pounds in the process! While traditional freebase nicotine remains popular with many e-cigarette users, now we’re witnessing the rise of nic salt e-liquids as an alternative for vapers. That’s because this pure extraction process from the tobacco plant creates a smooth way to vape similar to smoking with a like for like mouth to lung hit. One of the top brands around to prove this is Pod Salt, which offers a wide range of e-liquid flavours to intrigue both new vapers and experienced nic salt vapers alike.

What many like about the vaping industry is the huge choice of flavours at your disposal. Compared to smoking cigarettes where it’s just tobacco flavour, Pod Salt has some fantastic mixtures to pick from, including Watermelon and Blueberry Jam Tart. You can find our whole range of Pod Salt e-liquid nic salts here but for now, we want to single out five flavours that impressed and stood out to the Pure E-Liquids team as truly unique.

Top 6 Pod Salt E-Liquids

While you may have seen one or two on this list from other e-liquid manufacturers, we believe this is an exciting way to show how big brands like Pod Salt continue to innovate. While flavours with names such as Marina Marshmallow Man add intrigue for the name alone, we feel the creative blend below of fruit, drinks and desserts we typically consume in edible format are awesome additions to pick as a vape juice. All of the Pod Salt e-liquids are 50PG/50VG, meaning a nice mixture of cloud production and sweetness. Let’s start with our top pick!

Pod Salt Cola With Lime E-Liquid  

Cola With Lime

A nod to the fizzy drink classic, Cola with lime is a delightful addition to any e-liquid bottle collection. That zesty tang from the acidic green fruit works a treat with the refreshing cola flavours and it’s available in the highest nicotine strength of 20mg or 11mg if you want a smooth Pod Salt with less salt nicotine.

Pod Salt Peanut Butter Banana Granola E-Liquid  

Peanut Butter Banana Granola

This makes the list for pure invention and tastes like something you would pick up in the morning for breakfast. It combines the sweetness of bananas, the salty rich flavours of peanut butter and the crumble taste of granola. Together, they make a delicious blend that would satisfy any curious vaper.

Pod Salt Bubble Blue E-Liquid  

Bubble Blue

Bubble Blue will bring back memories of blowing bubbles on some ever so sweet blueberry bubblegum flavoured candies. Taking the nostalgic approach, Pod Salt has created another 50/50 PG-VG flavoured nic salt knockout with an awesome 2% e-liquid!

Pod Salt Pacha Mama Strawberry Kiwi Ice E-Liquid  

Pacha Mama Strawberry Kiwi Ice

Another fantastic addition to the Pod Salt range - merging strawberry and kiwi flavours in a 2% nic salt e-liquid. Presiding over planting and farming, the Incan goddess and ‘earth mother’ Pacha Mama watched over the indigenous people of the Andes in Inca mythology. At one with nature, this vape juice embodies that spirit with a mixture of delightful fruit flavours to satisfy your palette.

Pod Salt Apple E-Liquid  


You can’t have a top list of e-liquid flavours without Apple in there! This Pod Salt delight offers crisp green apple notes which work great on the inhale and exhale all day long. With such high strength nicotine at 20mg, it’s ideal for those trying to replicate the habit of smoking initially before gradually working your way down. Salt nicotine gives the right throat hit and the need to vape less than traditional freebase nicotine.

Pod Salt Blue Berg E-Liquid  

Blue Berg

Last on the list we have the delicious Blue Berg, a carefully formed concoction of blueberry and menthol flavours. Cool on the exhale and juicy on the inhale with those fruity vibes, it’s a wonderful vape from Pod Salt to kick those sensations into overdrive. At 50PG/50VG, you get just enough vapour and the right throat hit for a smooth intake of nic salt.

There you have it - our top six Pod Salt 2% nic salts offering a wide range of flavours to mix it up. As vapers tongue (the sensation where you lose all vape flavour after trying the same e-liquid repeatedly) is common, it’s good to try different e-liquids to keep the senses in check. If you can’t find something on this list, you can always browse the other e-liquid bottles from Pod Salt to get a nic salt that matches your taste buds!

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