5 Reasons Vaping is the Best Gift You Can Give this Year

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 20th Dec 2019

Best Vaping PresentChristmas is just around the corner, which means rushing around to get organised, an amped-up social calendar and, of course, a little tipple or two. While the festive season is a time for decking the halls and being jolly, it can be a recipe for disaster if you’re trying to quit smoking.

It might not seem like a smart idea to overhaul one of your longest habits in the busiest period of the year, but we believe that Christmas is as good a time as any to switch to vaping to eventually quit smoking - and the pros far outweigh the cons.

So why you should give up smoking and start vaping this Christmas?

Vaping health benefits

First and foremost, quitting smoking is a gift to your health; one that isn’t just for Christmas. Thousands of people all over the UK have used vaping to stop smoking, meaning they’ve reaped the health benefits that come with it.

E-cigarettes don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide, which are two of the many harmful toxins in cigarettes. While nicotine is addictive, it’s relatively harmless, meaning you can still get the nicotine fix you need for the time being, but without all the added nasties.

Many smokers have seen their health improve from just one month of vaping. Oral hygiene, skin health, improved lung capacity, better fitness levels and a better sense of smell and taste are just a few of the positive things former smokers experience when they make the switch.

Do you want to be able to keep up with your family during the Boxing Day dog walk, or lag behind them, out of breath and wishing you hadn’t bothered? Vaping could help you achieve this.

Your bank balance will thank you

The average smoker spends upwards of £1,500 per year on cigarettes, which is an astounding amount of money when you think about how toxic smoking tobacco is. Just imagine what you could spend £1,500 on; a family holiday, Christmas presents, paying off debts - the options are endless.

Vaping, on the other hand, will cost you a fraction of the price over the year, meaning you can spend your money on more important things. One Vapour2 Starter Kit will provide you with the equivalent of over 100 cigarettes for under £20, and with options of buying in bulk, you can save even more cash over the year - we’ll let you do the maths.

Your family

Giving your body some much-needed respite from smoking will do wonders for your health, but it will also affect your family in amazing ways. The dangers of smoking are widely publicised, so everyone around you is aware of the damage you’re doing by lighting up each day. Switching to vaping, and eventually quitting altogether, gives them the peace of mind to go about their lives with less worry that their loved one is suffering, and is potentially cutting their life short.

Every smoker is aware that the habit doesn’t come without some negative side effects. Stained teeth and nails, smelly clothes and bad breath are a few you’ll definitely have experienced - and your family will have too. Saying goodbye to smoking means you get to bid farewell to all these nasty habits and breathe easy once more.

With your new-found lease of life and savings, you’ll be able to make more memories together as a family, and you’ll wonder why you ever bothered picking up a cigarette in the first place. If you ask us, that’s priceless.

Because making the switch is easy

One of the best things about making the switch to vaping is just how easy it is to do so. There’s a huge range of products on the market so you can experiment and find out which e-cigarette is right for you.

Cigalike cartridges Vape Mods
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Starting out on a device that looks and feels like a cigarette is a great way to make the transition. Cigalikes are as close to the real thing as you can get. The end of them lights up, they’re a similar weight and they have a tight draw when you inhale, just like a real cigarette.

Vape pens

While many feel that cigalikes are a great match for them, it’s natural for humans to want to progress to the next level, which is where vape pens come in. Also an ideal candidate for a starter product, vape pens are a little more technologically advanced than cigalikes, with options for adjusting temperature and more.

Sub-ohm devices/Mods

Some vapers desire a powerful vaping experience that can only be delivered by, you guessed it, more power. Mods are advanced vaping devices that can be customised but do require some knowledge of how they all work to ensure safe usage.

Pod devices

The newest additions to the game, pod devices take away some of the hassles of refilling as everything is contained within the device itself - some even come pre-filled. These are small and lightweight; bigger than cigalikes but smaller than vape pens.

With a huge vaping community to lean back on if you’re unsure or want some advice, as well as your friendly V2 team, you won’t be alone on your journey. Contact us at any time if you need technical advice, a motivation boost or just fancy a chat. We’re here for you.

The basics

A simple but often overlooked benefit of vaping vs smoking is the taste. At the most fundamental level, vaping tastes better than smoking, making it a much more enjoyable experience for both you, and for those around you.

With fruit, sweet, tobacco and mint e-liquids and cartridges available (just to name a few), you’re sure to find a flavour that suits you, and pretty soon, you may not even be able to stand the taste of cigarettes.

Furthermore, e-cig vapour isn’t harmful to those around you, nor does it smell like an ashtray when an unsuspecting stranger walks through it. Get ready to make yourself some new friends!

Ready to make the change?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to smoking, many people find that they do it more when they’ve had a few drinks, which is why Christmas could be the perfect time to switch to vaping. With the stress of Christmas, you might find yourself reaching for that little silver packet more and more, so switching over the festive period could help you kickstart vaping and stick to it.

If you don’t think that’ll be possible for you, though, don’t worry. You’ve got to be ready to take on the change, so choose a date you know will work for you and your lifestyle. Whenever you decide to, our friendly team will be here to support you.

If you’re unsure about switching, just ask yourself, what have you got to lose?