Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 24th Jul 2019

Pure E-liquids vape pods selectionLooking to find out more about vape pods? If you’re new to the world of vaping and are in search of guidance as to which vaporizer gadgets do what, or whether you’ve been valiantly vaping your preferred device such as the e-cig, vape pen, or vape mod – we think it’s time to find out all you need to know about vape pods.

What is a Vape Pod?

The easiest and probably the simplest way to describe a vape pod is to think of an e-cigarette and box mod hybrid. A high-powered, super-charged e-cig; vape pods use the sub-ohm technology of box mod within the body of a device the size of a basic e-cig.

The thing that makes vape pods so special is the pod cartridge that is inserted into the body of the device. Rather than the e-liquid tank, you may have become accustomed to this small and savvy pod contains all the tech to make your vape pod tick, including the source of your nicotine. As opposed to conventional e-liquid that you may already use, vape pods will typically use nicotine salts. With a higher concentration of nicotine per ml to that of e-liquid, vaping nicotine salts has been compared to the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. Ideally suited to those who may crave more of a throat hit when they vape, vape pods and nic salts could soon become your preferred way to vape.

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The Advantage of Having a Vape Pod

For those who  use traditional e-cigarettes but need something with a bigger throat hit, then a vape pod may well be the answer you seek. And for those who are tired of assembling your box mod and cleaning coils, then equally, vape pods offer a fuss-free and attractive alternative to what you may be used to. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying a vape pod.

Convenient: No wicks to replace, no e-liquid tank to clean, and more importantly super easy to use - vape pods provide vapers with an altogether more convenient way to vape.

Affordable: The great news about vape pods is their affordability. Expect to pay marginally more than you would for a standard e-cigarette and a lot less than a box mod. From spending under £15 for the VOOPOO VMate Pod Kit to investing a little over £45 for the iQ Air Vapers Kit, to something inbetween with the Innokin Jem Starter Kit, vape pods are available to suit a variety of budgets.


Portable: Bored of carrying spare coils, tanks, wicks and e-juice bottles whenever you’re out and about? Free from the restraints assembling multiple moving parts before you can begin to vape, vape pods are one of the most portable devices available on the market. Sleek and slender in design, vape pods bare more of a similarity to e-cigs and vape pens than box mods. Easy to store and carry with you when you’re on the go, investing in a vape pod may make your life that bit easier.

Simple to use: Vape pods will typically consist of the device's battery and pod. Similar to the atomizer found in e-liquid tanks, the pod's store everything you need to vape including nicotine salts. Simply click the pod into place and depending on whether your device has a manual or automatic battery, you'll either press a button to initiate your vape or simply purse your lips to the tip and inhale.

Strong throat hit: Vape pods are specifically designed to interact with nicotine salts. Unsuitable for the high temperatures achieved with box mods, nic salts are a natural alternative to the freebase or pharmaceutical grade nicotine you may be familiar with. The higher nicotine content found in nicotine salts, in turn, provides vapers with a strong throat hit, which is not dissimilar to that of a cigarette.

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Less Vaping: Due to the aforementioned nicotine content, it’s thought that vapers may be able to reduce the frequency of their vaping, which can then potentially lead to less vaping and even vapers relinquishing their habits altogether.

Are there any Disadvantages to Vape Pods?

While there are many advantages to vaping with a vape pod, alas, there are just a few disadvantages too.

Shorter battery life: While vape pods are more powerful than e-cigs and vape pens; size and slender design ultimately mean that battery capacity will be limited, which means less vaping per charge.

Fewer Flavours: E-liquid and e-juice have been entwined with e-cigs and box mods since the inception of vaping. A mainstay for many vapers, the reality is that nic salts have simply not existed for as long, therefore at times, you may find the choice of flavours on offer are a little more limited to the choice you have come to expect.