Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 18th Feb 2019

Vaping has significantly revolutionised the way we smoke. Whether you’ve chosen to begin vaping for health reasons or you’re simply looking to cut down on your cigarettes, it’s important to understand exactly how your vape works and how to get the best out of your Smok Mag products.

According to BBC News the amount of people vaping globally is set to rise to around 55 million people by 2021, in comparison to over 1 billion smokers worldwide. There’s a few different elements to consider when setting up your vape and maintenance it to ensure your vaping experience is an enjoyable one. From changing the liquids that turn to vapour, to replacing batteries and coils, a firm understanding of major vape upkeep is in order to ensure you’re using your vape safely.

One of the burning questions surrounding the Smok Mag is in how to adjust the ohms on the device. The ohms are the unit of power resistance within the coil that work alongside your battery to help heat the liquid and turn it into vapour. This guide will give you a comprehensive insight into the coils on your Smok Mag and how and why you should change your ohm value to improve your vaping experience.

What Are Ohms?

It’s always going to understandwhat ohms exactly are. The Ohm is a unit of electrical resistance used in parlance when referring to vapes and other electrical products. When you’re perusing all your favourite vape products and looking to replace your parts, you’ll most likely be greeted with the Ohm symbol when purchasing new coils. The Ohm symbol is pictured as the omega symbol, a symbol that resembles something similar to a horseshoe.

Ohms provide the electrical resistance between two conductors of electricity acting as an intermediate between voltages. In the case of your vape, it’s the middle man between your battery and the heating process of your e-liquids. The higher the Ohm capacity in your vape’s coil, the higher the temperature of the liquid and the more vapour that can be produced. So effectively, the higher the Ohm, the more efficient your vape will be.

What Is A Smok Mag?

Smok are a leading name in the world of vaping and are at the forefront of electronic cigarette research and development. Their products are designed with the latest vape technology in mind, featuring contemporary design that help improve the vaping experience of their customers. This dedication to research and development has led to significant progression and development of temperature controlled vape modifications within the industry. The Smok name is renowned among the industry for being a harbinger of quality and patented technology.

Based out of their headquarters in Shenzen City, China, the Smok Mag comes on the back of the monumental success of the Smok Alien; currently one of the best-selling vape mods world-wide. The Smok Mag includes a power range between 6 and 225W, meaning it’s a suitable counterpart for your vaping requirements. Its ergonomic efficiency and people orientated aesthetic is complemented by its easy handling design that creates maximum comfort during usage.

The Smok Mag is perhaps one of the most sophisticated vaping models currently on the market with a simple to use lock and load battery, atomizer recognition and a built in circuit to protect against overheating. Switch between Memory mode, Temp mode, and Watt mode to find the method of vaping that’s best for you and explore a selection of some of the best coils, perfect for helping adjust the ohms within your Smok Mag device.

How To Adjust The Ohms On Smok Mag?

Smok offer a selection of coils that are compatible to their Mag products. Available in a range of Ohm resistances, it’s important that you’re changing your coil regularly to ensure your vaping experience remains a pleasant one. If you’re beginning to sense a burning taste within your vape it could mean that it’s time to change coils and maybe opt for a higher Ohm resistance to ensure more efficient vape usage.

It couldn’t be simple to replace the coils on your Smok Mag vape and alter the Ohm value. Firstly, hold the tank upside down and unscrew and remove the tank base where the coil unit is located at the very centre. Proceed to unscrew the coil unit and replace with a fresh atomiser head. Once you’ve installed your fresh atomiser use your fingers to tighten the screws before adding an additional turn to ensure the screws and applications are fitted effectively. Failure to tighten the parts can cause damage to your device and the potential for harm if the liquid begins to pop.

Once you’ve completed the above, reattach the tank base and ensure all components of the vape are tightened and secure. Always make sure that you’re priming your coils before use by adding a few drops of your e-liquid to the component and waiting a few minutes before use. This will ensure that the burning sensation is eradicated, providing a clean experience when you resume vaping.

Why Do We Change The Ohms?

The reasons for changing the Ohms resistance within our vapes is simple. Across the vaping community many of us prefer different styles and methods of vaping. Similar to how customers may prefer different brands of cigarettes or smoke them in a different way.

The higher the Ohm capacity of your vape, the more vapour that will be produced. Higher Ohms mean that larger vapour clouds can be produced while experiencing richer flavours from your liquid. This can usually be achieved at an Ohm setting of around 0.12 but you can still enjoy deep and rich flavours from coils offering Ohms of 0.4.

Vaping has significantly revolutionised the way we smoke. Whether you’ve chosen to begin vaping for health reasons or you’re simply looking to cut down on your cigarettes, it’s important to understand exactly how your vape works and how to get the best out of your Smok Mag products.