Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 26th Feb 2019

Much appeal of having a vape mod comes in knowing that, much like software updates packed with exciting new features are regularly issued for smartphones, the same can be said for a vape mod. Upgrading a mod's firmware can leave you with what feels like a whole new mod.

However, updating that firmware can be much easier said than done. Whereas you might regularly update your phone's operating system without having to touch a desktop or laptop, this wouldn't apply if you had a Smok Alien mod for which new firmware was waiting.

Getting new software for your Alien can feel like a convoluted process - and it doesn't help that the Smok Alien 220W mod comes in two different versions, each with its own updating procedures. With this guide, we will take you through steps for updating your Alien's firmware.

What Can You Get Out Of A Firmware Upgrade?

It seems apt to continue with the smartphone analogy - as, much like phone-makers such as Apple and Samsung periodically release new, improved versions of their products as fresh technology becomes available, leading vape brands often bring out new mods for us to try.

However, when your budget doesn't quite stretch to covering a new e-cigarette mod, you can spare yourself any further financial expenditure by taking up the option of a firmware upgrade. Yes, that's right - Smok Alien firmware updates are free!

However, all of this could even further incentivise to take advantage of Smok Alien firmware upgrades now. So, how can you source what is currently, at the time of writing, the latest version of the firmware available for your Smok Alien 220W mod?

What Version Of The Smok Alien 220W Mod Do You Have?

Do you currently have the Smok Alien 220W mod? If not, you can buy one from the Pure E-Liquids online store. However you have come into possession of your Smok Alien 220W mod, check whether it is an "edition A" or "edition B" model, as the Smok website advises.

To act on this advice, you need only power on the device. Doing so will bring up the version number of the installed firmware. Edition A will show a version number starting with "V1", whereas that will be "VB1" on an edition B model.

Checking the version number is important, as it will enable you to choose the correct Alien upgrade tool to download. The tool relevant to your mod will be available from the Smok website; for example, it includes a link to the latest "VB" tool.

V Stands For Victory With Updating Your Firmware

Let's assume that you have the V version of the Alien mod. After downloading the relevant tool to your Windows desktop or laptop, open the tool's folder that includes the programming tool and BIN file. Then, proceed to open the "NuMicro ISP Programming Tool", as it will be listed.

Hold the Alien's fire button, as you will need to continue doing throughout the whole upgrading process, and then use a USB cable to connect that Alien to your computer. In the tool, click the "Connect" button until it changes to a blue-hued "Disconnect" button.

Now, hit the "APROM" button, open the BIN file in the folder that appears, and check that the "Config" data reads "00013000". Mark "APROM and "Config" beneath the "Program" heading before clicking "Start". Wait for the word "PASS" to appear in green, indicating your success in upgrading.

To VB Or Not VB, That Is The Upgrade

If your Alien mod is the VB variety, start by removing the battery. The manner of upgrading that device's firmware has much in common with the process that would apply with a V mod - though one difference is that, after opening the right ISP tool, you select and confirm "USB" as the interface.

Furthermore, after completing the connecting process with this tool, you would need to tick "Erase All" before clicking "Start". You would follow up this by clicking the "APROM" button, opening the BIN file after locating it in the folder that pops up, and then clicking the "Setting" button.

In the subsequent "Chip Options" window, unmark "Watchdog" and check that the "Data Flash Size" is 42.00K. The rest of the upgrade process is relatively straightforward.

Much appeal of having a vape mod comes in knowing that, much like software updates packed with exciting new features are regularly issued for smartphones, the same can be said for a vape mod.