Is propylene glycol safe to inhale?

Posted by Pure E Liquids on 8th Feb 2015

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But is Propylene Glycol really that safe to inhale?

Well firstly what is Propylene Glycol? - It is also called propane 1,2-diol and it is an organic compound made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, with Hydrogen being the primary element. When produced it is a viscous colourless liquid which is almost completely odourless. It is produced on a large scale and its good to know it finds use in food. It can be found in food products as the E number E1520 and it is approved as safe in the EU, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and anywhere else that has stringent regulations. It can be found in a variety of cakes and ice creams as an example. It can also be found in baby products such as baby wipes, and even in asthma inhalers.

The Propylene Glycol we use to make our premium grade E Juice is 100% pharmaceutical grade. We use it in addition to Vegetable Glycol. which is also of the highest standard.

To us at Pure E Liquids it is of utmost importance to us that our product is the best e liquid available. So its just as important to us to use the highest quality of ingredients, which are mixed in state of the art production facilities. Our ingredients derive from propylene oxide, which is what food grade Propylene Glycol is produced from. You can also get it derived from glycerol, with the final product usually being reserved for use with bio-diesel, anti freeze, and industrial purposes.

Its important to remember at this stage, there are very few regulations for E Juice at the moment, and they don't have to comply with the World Health Associations rules on food ingredients so there are no guarantees on what you are vaping unless you check first! - Which when buying elsewhere you will find very difficult. The term "organic ingredients" is thrown around too lightly in this industry, and you should always ensure you buy your E Liquid from a reputable source such as ourselves, - our E Liquid has batch tests for every single batch of Liquid produced and you can use the number on your bottle to see the test carried out on that individual bottle for complete peace of mind. You can find that here.

Studies Regarding Propylene Glycol

There was a study carried out by a series of Doctors and health experts from The Department of medicine the Douglas Smith foundation for Medical research in conjunction with the University Of Chicago which you can find the official documentation and journal here. This found that rats, and monkeys, subjected to air containing vapour from Propylene Glycol, up to saturation point for long periods of time - showed almost no adverse effects, even during autopsy, the animals still showed normal blood, kidneys liver etc. This is something you can read more about if you wish at this link:

Is Propylene Glycol Safe to Inhale?

In conclusion, yes, the fact it is found in Asthma inhalers and food should give you enough confidence, as long as your buying from a reputable company such as ours.

The only time this becomes a concern is when you purchase E Liquid from your local Liquid provider - ask them about it. If its cheap and from China and retails at 4 bottles for £10 - I would be extremely wary. In addition if the vendor states they make it themselves, ask - is it produced in a white room, do you wear rubber gloves / hair nets ie. is it a sterile environment? What are the exact ingredients that go into their e-liquid. Because if not prepared under proper conditions the e liquid they are producing is no longer pharmaceutical grade, even if the original ingredients they use to mix their e liquids was initially clean & uncontaminated.

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