IVG 2400 Review - What To Expect From This Unique Disposable Vape

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 18th Aug 2023

A collection of Different IVG 2400 Disposable Puff Bars With Various Flavours

Disposable vapes are in more demand than ever, as vapers looking to quit smoking seek the easiest way to drop their nicotine levels from a convenient and compact vape kit. With no batteries to change, coils to swap or e-liquids to refill, a pre-filled disposable is the best entry-level device. But the downside is its impact on the environment, the rise of fake disposable vapes, and lack of innovation, with many disposables containing 600 puffs max in a 2ml capacity throw-away device. Once it’s done you need to buy another, so it limits beginners and is too expensive once you’ve got the hang of vaping. IVG may have changed the game completely with their new innovation – the IVG 2400, which will review below to explain why it could be just what you’re after from a disposable vape kit.

What is the IVG 4 in 1?

Well, the main difference that sets the IVG 2400 apart from the rest is its 4 in 1 capacity of 600 puffs per pod. This first-of-its-kind device rotates between four different pods on a simple-to-use mechanism. After you have emptied one pod of its pre-filled 2ml of e-liquid, simply rotate the top of the device and click the next pod into place. It boasts a 1500mAh battery capacity in total pre-charged ready to go, so you should be able to puff the total 2400 puffs before the device runs out. On a couple of the devices, we tested it did run out on the final pod but generally, it should last throughout, depending on how often you use the device.

How Does the IVG 2400 Compare to Other Disposables on the Market?

Vaping is all about convenience and helping the vaper to drop their nicotine levels after putting down the cigarettes, and by the end, you can quit vaping too. The IVG 2400 is a great starting point because you do not need to mess about with charging your device as an initial test kit to vape. You can try the 30 different flavours and get used to vaping without needing to worry about having extensive knowledge of coils, e-liquids and batteries. And usually, disposables are priced anywhere from £4 to £6 per singular 600-puff device. In contrast, the IVG 2400 is priced at £12.95 and you get 8mls in total, which still complies with TPD regulations. Because it doesn’t require charging and stands at 1500mAh battery capacity, you can go about your day and carry around fewer devices in your pocket or bag. It essentially limits a vaper less than traditional disposable vapes would.

Key Specifications Of The IVG 2400

  • Up to 2400 total puffs per device
  • 4 x 2ml capacity
  • 1500mAh Battery
  • Nic salt for smoother delivery
  • Auto-draw
  • 30 flavour choices

How Does It Vape?

The good thing about the IVG 2400 is it’s possible to vape this device with either mouth-to-lung or direct lung style. Most disposable devices to throw away after the e-liquid runs out are mouth-to-lung kits aimed at beginners, as it offers a similar style to smoking. But with this disposable vape, it boasts enough cloud to inhale as a direct lung vape, with a fairly wide thin mouthpiece on the top.

Regardless of which of the flavours you pick, the taste is great and its long-lasting too, with a nice consistency throughout from start to finish with each 2ml pod, as well as a generous 1500mAh battery capacity.

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Is There a Best Flavour from the Collection?

Vaping is a subject that sparks much debate. Not just about discussions about why it is a better alternative than smoking cigarettes but also about the pure amount of flavours and technology variables at your disposal. Therefore, the best flavour is subjective, because everybody likes something different! For instance, from our tests in the office with the eight flavours available at the time of writing (22 more expected in the future), we have to give kudos to IVG for creating so many wonderfully tasting options. Our favourite has to be the Blue Sour Raspberry, but as we know from IVG, they produce tons of high-quality flavours in lots of different formats, as well as disposables.

Design And Functionality Explained

Well, what’s great about the IVG 2400 is the design, which not only looks great but is practical too. It’s a more sustainable option than traditional disposable vapes because you use fewer batteries for the same number of puffs as four standard 600-puff vape kits. As a solution to TPD requirements, it holds enough e-liquid to last an MTL vaper roughly three days to one week depending on personal use and habits. The design is super simple, with a fire-draw auto-activation so you just inhale on the mouthpiece to get the 2% nicotine salt e-liquid needed. It’s available in lots of different colours depending on which flavour you pick and comfortably fits in the hand. Best of all, you throw away less plastic, only one battery instead of four individual disposable vape kit batteries, making it better for the environment.


What else can we say about this disposable from IVG, it’s a unique design that steps around TPD compliance legally to create a decent solution for disposable fans. Because they can carry one device but one that holds four 2ml pods, it creates convenience and variation for any vaper. You might have to buy multiple devices to mix the flavours, otherwise you’re stuck with one flavour (which some may like if they only love one flavour). But for a disposable to have a 1500mAh battery and this extended option of e-liquid capacity that doesn’t require charging, it’s the ultimate convenience option that still produces great taste and consistency. We couldn’t recommend highly enough if you’re not ready for pod kits or vape mod kits yet. And better yet, IVG has created technology that most of all is better for the environment than constantly throwing away 600 puff devices.

Disposable vapes are in more demand than ever, as vapers looking to quit smoking seek the easiest way to drop their nicotine levels from a convenient and compact vape kit. With no batteries to change, coils to swap or e-liquids to refill, a pre-filled disposable is the best entry-level device.