Posted by Pure E-liquids on 20th Aug 2018

Quitting Smoking and Coffee

Need your daily kick of nicotine and caffeine but want to lead a healthier lifestyle? Ditching the coffee and cigarettes doesn’t have to be the stuff of nightmares, for your new favourite pick-me-up might be tastier and easier to get to grips with than you think - thought about switching to vaping and juice bars?

We all have our favourite way of doing things and our favourite combinations. Whether it’s going to pie-night at your local pub on a Wednesday or going for an early morning swim before you kick on with your working day – we are a habitual kind of people, keen to continue the rituals of life we hold so dear to our hearts and can conceivably lead us to believe, makes us who we are.

Cigarettes and coffee can so often feel like one of those matches made in heaven. A creamy and aromatic cup of the hot-stuff cradled in one’s hand, sending boundless bouquets of ‘wake-me-up’ to your body and mind, all the while accompanied by your treasured blend of Virginia grown tobacco cigarette. Culturally, it’s a bit of a ‘thing’. What you might not know, is that actually, these two highly addictive accoutrements to life are a pretty lethal combination.

Stimulants that don't Mix

While coffee has some fabulous health benefits, like anything it should be consumed in moderation. However, every time you light up a cigarette in tandem with your Tanzanian coffee bean brew of goodness you are putting your body through its paces, with some potentially dire consequences for your heart and health. Coffee and cigarettes are both stimulants that simply don’t work well together.

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals which your body and most notably your heart, meets and greets with a knowing grimace of demise and decay. We get hooked to the nicotine (and sugar) and before we know it, we find ourselves caught in a net of addiction. Whether you get hooked or not, research suggests smoking just one cigarette can increase the chance of heart disease and stroke risk.

What Happens to Your Body

The carbon monoxide inhaled when you smoke kills important cells in your blood vessels which allow nasty fats and plaque to stick to them, thus clogging them up and difficult for the blood to travels through. Additionally, smoking reduces the capability of your lungs which will essentially put a strain on the blood pumping around your body and ultimately your heart. The advice? Just quit it.

Coffee and the caffeine found within has been found in some studies to increase your blood flow by up to 30%, which can be a good thing depending on your circumstances. If you’re a smoker though, the news is not so good. The increased blood flow from drinking your coffee, combined with the clogging up of your blood vessels ends up putting immense strain on your heart.

How to Quit a Recreational Drug

The good news? Vaping e-cigarettes to get your fix of nicotine and drinking fresh-pressed juice, made at home or from a juice bar, are a pretty sweet alternative that has the potential to help you quit cigarettes completely and provide you with a few of your five a day at the same time.

E-cigarettes and vaping have been found to be up to 95% safer than cigarettes as well as a more cost-effective choice, should you choose some basic kit. Like anything in life, there is a range of devices to choose from, but our advice is to start with a sample pack of e liquid and an e-cigarette for a new vaper to get you going.

Why You Will Crave Sugar

As well as nicotine, cigarettes also contain an awful lot of sugar, which is why you so often hear people craving sugar when they quit smoking. Rather than sucking on a lollipop, why not juice some fruit and veg? Fruit contains lots of natural sugars which can work as a nice substitute to what your body is used from the cigarettes.

We’re not saying you have to ditch the coffee completely, but when it comes to fresh juice, an assortment of fruit and vegetables can be blended to create highly nutritious and tasty alternatives to your daily coffee. Why not give it a go? What we are saying is, quit smoking and start vaping!