​Technology and Vaping - New Tech for 2020

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 21st Aug 2020

Vaporesso Osmall Pod Vape KitWhile vaping may have only entered the market in 2003, innovations around the industry continue to move on in leaps and bounds. As electronic devices, vapes have benefitted from advancements in technology across the period. This has seen models move from being simple heating devices to robust and advanced pieces of kit designed to optimise your vaping experience.

So, what new technology is sweeping the market and what cutting-edge items can you pick up today?

What is vaping ‘tech’

When it comes down to it, things aren’t really that complicated when it comes to vaping.

No matter your make or model, each device is made up from three essential components. These include the cartridge that contains the e liquid of your choice, a battery to provide the heating to warm the liquid, and a vaporising chamber to hold the vapour that the user inhales.

Simple by design, vapes are primarily intended to be a viable alternative to smoking – making it easy to transition from tobacco to devices. In order to be viable, models need to be cost-conscious, easy to use, and add value to the user’s vaping experience.

But while the fundamentals the same, the industry around them has changed.

While many novel devices promise to ‘revolutionise’ vaping, the best pieces of kit optimise the process or offer functionality that has value for users. For example, toughened containers help protect your device from knocks, tech-assisted customisation options help control your temperature, or interface options make changing your settings simple. These essential value-adds allow for the creation of fantastic pieces of premium kit, affordable entry models, and everything in between.

How does it help?

Technology should always be selected when it helps, not hinders. This means that choosing the right piece kit carries several significant benefits. These include, but are not limited to-

Efficiency: Finding the right device helps ensure your vaping experience is optimised in every way possible. This can come in the form of decreasing heating times, letting your device get more from your e liquid, or making it simple to maintain and use your device.For many, vaping is taken up as an alternative - or way to control – nicotine cravings or tobacco use. The creation of products such as nicotine salts provide a viable alternative to conventional nicotine and supply a ‘hit’ that helps manage your use. The development of extras such as mesh coils also help devices last longer, operate with minimised wastage, and more.

Ease of Use: All too often, technology proves to be an obstacle when it comes to daily use. A key benefit of modern vaping technology is its capacity to help make the onboarding process for devices and day-to-day use as simple as possible. This can include rapid-fire heating technology, the ability to change mouthpieces, or a wealth of extras to streamline the vaping experience.

This allows users to pick out a device that suits their style or directly tackles problems they have encountered in the previous vaping experience. This can include bigger batteries to accommodate a lack of charge, inexpensive models that offer a quality experience, and more. Advancements in miniaturisation also make devices easier to carry, with even the bulkiest of vapes coming with a reduced form-factor for maximum portability.

Customisation: Modern improvements allow users improved control over ‘how’ they wish to vape. This ranges from simple hardware additions such as changeable skins for your devices, adjustable physical settings, to novel chipsets that enable fine-tuned control. This allows devices to tweak a range of pre-set modes, optimise temperature controls, or simply toggle your options on the fly with a press of a button.

Highly modular, modern devices also accommodate a range simple options that carry maximum benefit. This involves choosing your favourite e liquid range to full tailoring all elements of your premium vape. This lets you pick out a workhorse device that’s there when you need it, a high-tech piece of kit that optimises your cloud chasing, and everything in-between. Throw in novel additions like pod technology, and users can literally ‘plug and play’ when it comes to using their vapes.

What new innovations are worth checking out?

While each week seems to bring new products to the marketplace, several new items have recently gained traction in the sector. Some of our favourite new options include-

Sub-Ohm Tech: Enabled by using a coil that has a resistance below 1.0 ohm with a compliant device, Sub-Ohm vaping has breathed new life into the industry. This simple change allows for an increased firing temperature which in turn that produces thick and flavourful clouds. These provide a powerful hit to satisfy your cravings and offer a second style of vaping known as Direct to Lung (DTL). Where conventional vaping mimics the action of a cigarette, DTL involves taking a long pull that – as the name suggests – travels straight to your lungs with a powerful kick. Where configuring this would have once involved a full-device check, picking up a Sub-Ohm device can provide the power you need to get the experience a DTL draw with no stress at all.

Chip Technology: 2020 has seen devices get a whole lot smarter. Championed by devices in the Vaporesso line through their Axon chipset, advancements in chip tech make vaping easy for new users while providing customisation options for seasoned cloud chasers. This includes ‘pulse’ mode that provides an optimised hit while taking a puff, automatically adjusted temperature controls, and optimised battery life to get the most out of your device when it’s needed most. Add in the company’s Omni Board technology and you end up with a system that allows a rapid-fire rate of 0.001, variable resistance levels from 0.03 – 5 ohms, an intuitive UI system, and much more.

Entry Level Units: Where an entry-level vape was as once cheap as possible, now you’re spoiled for choice. Modern devices specialise in replicating the look and feel of conventional cigarettes, making a transition from tobacco to vaping easier than ever before. These are available in a wide range of makes and models, including intuitive pod options that follow a ‘plug and play’ approach. These use prefilled capsules that remove issues around tank maintenance and refilling – letting find their feet with ease and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Battery Power: As global battery technology has advanced; vapers have truly reaped the benefits. As the capacity of batteries has increased, and costs lowered, modern models enjoy a range of long-lasting, modular options. This allows you to easily swap out your battery if it loses its charge or upgrade your model to get the power you require. This in turn allows devices to last longer between charges or to use the additional power to expand your functionality. This includes operating touch-screen LCD devices, more complex internal functionality, increased heating options, and much more.

What accessories are available now?

When it comes to finding a device that suits your unique needs, there are several options available to vapers new and old.

Some great options include-

Vaporesso GTX One: Designed as a flexible and robust entry model, the GTX is designed to be a ‘super comfort’ device that works for seasoned vapers and newbies alike. Built to supports MTL vaping, the system’s innovative MTX Coils provide an exceptional combination of flavour and air control with an exceptional lifespan to boot.

Vaporesso Osmall: Built for no-fuss users, the Osmall’s innovative pod technology simplifies the maintenance process through the use of prefilled cartridges. Draw activated and with a slimline design, this packs a portable punch for style conscious vapers on the go.

Smok Nord2 : Designed with a 1500mAh battery as standard, the Smok Nord is a great choice for vapers.

looking to pick up a workhorse that won’t let them down. Add in an easily refillable design and an ergonomic design and the device is there for you when the cravings hit – allowing you to adjust your wattage with a press and enjoy the vaping experience you want.


If you want to stay up to date with the latest additions to the market, our New In page contains details about the latest innovative kit added to our store that can help optimise your vaping experience today.

What next?

If you want to learn more about the latest equipment entering the market, our team at Pure are here to help. Whether it’s an updated device, a new twist on your favourite flavour of e liquid, or a brand-new vape – our regularly updated selection of products can help you find the right item for your specific needs.

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