The Best Gift Ideas for Vapers: 2019 Vape Gift Guide

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 6th Dec 2019

Vaper Christmas Gift Guide

Buying gifts for that special vaper in your life can be truly challenging. Whether it’s picking out a new e-liquid to try, a fresh device to replace their old, battered model, or searching for the perfect accessory – knowing where to start is hugely intimidating. This is why we’ve had our V2 elves scour the shelves of our storerooms to find some new and outstanding products for the Claus (or Krampus) in your life. So, here’s our list of five essential products to check out for this holiday season, beginning with-

The Perfect Starter Kit: With new year’s resolutions on the horizon, Christmas is the perfect time to kick old habits such as smoking and start down the road to better health. While it may be inadvisable to stop cold turkey, our novel iQ One Kit can potentially help make the first steps down the road a little easier for you. Sporting a clean, compact design, the iQ charges quickly and enjoys a leather imitation finish that is soft to the touch. Best paired with our 100% VG e-liquid, this model can also easily accommodate nicotine e-liquids or salts. An intuitive battery light warns users about energy usage and a simple flip-top design makes it perfect for those who may struggle to refill more advanced models.

An Exceptional Vape

Perfect for those coming from a more experienced vaping background, our flexible XEO VOID vaporiser is great for old hands and beginners alike. 

Built with a robust anti-leak functionality and a child-proof structure, the device is safe, strong, and highly effective – allowing users to enjoy the V2 range’s characteristically striking flavour by deploying revolutionary sub ohm functionality. Immensely popular throughout Europe, we currently own the unique distribution rights for the device that guarantees the highest standards of German, precision engineered quality and service. With a striking 1500 mAH battery, the model is able to provide long-lasting service. Set at an affordable price point, the VOID is an exceptional pick as a premium, daily-use vape – giving you peace of mind when it’s needed most.

Cracking Pre-Filled Fun

Buying for the vaper with taste can be incredibly challenging but luckily, help is at hand. 

Our comprehensive range of prefilled flavour cartridges are available in sealed packs of five. Designed to work with a V2 Classic or EX Series battery, these allow users to vape quickly and efficiently, with minimum fuss. Arguably the Christmas crackers of the vaping world, the high utility of these items means you can enjoy a wide range of options from our V2 Classic and EX series of cartridges. Effective, affordable, and filled with flavour – these can be a great stocking filler for the health conscious vaper. And if you aren’t sure which taste to go for, you can check out one of our sampler packs and choose between tobacco, menthol, sweet, or fruity options – giving someone an essential emergency hit of flavour when temptation strikes.

Premium Taste

For those who are serious about their vaping, it’s important to give the gift of Christmas cheer…and flavour.

Our comprehensive range offers the highest grade in flavour, quality, and safety – with more than 15 unique tastes to choose from. This includes a variety of nicotine strengths to suit the palate of the recipient. All of options are made from the highest grade pharma-compliant ingredients to ensure that taste is maximised, and risk removed. And with our latest ‘no aftertaste’ platinum range, this means that you can enjoy a 75% PG to 25% VG ratio that is compatible with our full range of devices.

What next?

If you want to learn more about our current range of products and devices, you can view our online store in full form. This includes a full list of our latest platinum e liquids, prefilled cartridges, premium vaping devices and much more. If you want to look for more inspiration – or find the right gift for yourself this Christmas – you can take a look at our regularly updated blog for a list of available options. Or you can contact our team directly and let us know what you need to ensure that your loved one has a flavoursome and cloud filled Christmas.