Uwell Caliburn A3 Review - Similar to the A2 and A2S?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 15th Nov 2022

Pioneering brand Uwell has a knack for creating excellent pod kit systems for beginner and experienced vapers alike with long-lasting coils that produce amazing flavour. But are they releasing too many Caliburn kits recently and need a refresh, or should they continue to push innovation? After the introduction of the Uwell Caliburn A2S midway through 2022, at the back end of the year, they have decided to follow on with a similar pod kit dubbed the Uwell Caliburn A3. This review will look at the different features this pod kit has and how it contrasts with previous models.

How Does The Uwell Caliburn A3 Compare To Previous Kits in the Series?

Visually it looks remarkably similar to their previous pod kits such as the Uwell Caliburn A2 and Uwell Caliburn A2S. Granted they also have the Uwell Caliburn Koko collection that offers a similar performance in terms of a throat hit but is more compact with a wider frame and less length. But based on battery performance, a 520mAh capacity is the same as the Caliburn A2 and A2S, which is surprising.

The key difference with the Uwell Caliburn A3 which is a welcome feature is the ability to lock the fire button on the device to prevent the accidental pressing of that button. Now you can lock that part and just use auto-draw, which is better for convenience and safety when in the pocket or bag, should it accidentally switch on. A nice to have for many vapers with that preference! Other notable differences are the slightly bigger e-liquid window and the new 1.0 Ohm mesh coil pods.

Key Features And Specifications

  • 13W wattage output
  • 15-minute fast-charge
  • 520mAh battery
  • Multiple safety protection functions
  • 2ml magnetic top fill pods
  • Type-C charging
  • LED battery indicator
  • Pro-FOCS flavour technology
  • Dual auto-draw and fire button options
  • 109.8mm x 21.3mm x 11.7mm

Let’s Discuss The Uwell Caliburn A3 Pods

The Uwell Caliburn A3 Pods are also closely resembling the previous range of pods in the Caliburn series, combining aspects of each. They have curved ends that connect magnetically to the 520mAh battery-powered device. Therefore, you can’t use the A3 pods in any of the previous Caliburn devices you may have. The curve at the end is similar to that we saw on the Caliburn G and Caliburn G2 but with the A3 pods, you have less of a curved mouthpiece at the top for a tighter draw.

With the new 1.0 Ohm mesh coils, you can get some great flavour and a hint of cloud for smooth MTL vaping. There is also a slightly longer life in the coil than with the previous 0.9 Ohm coil in the A2S which is welcomed because it requires less power.

Leaking is very minimal from the pods and they’re super easy to fill with the top fill method. Once you’ve done topping them up, they easily slot into place magnetically and hold firmly.

Uwell Caliburn A3 Pod With Pro Focs Technology

How Do They Perform With The Kit?

Overall it’s a very reliable vape you get with the Uwell Caliburn A3. As a stand-alone device and pod system when you don’t factor in the previous pod kits, it would be a fantastic user-friendly option for new vapers and those seeking a simplistic experience. The 1.0 Ohm coils produce rich saturated flavour at a maximum of 13W (non-adjustable) which provides continuity for the Uwell name and reputation. It provides a warm vape, a tad more than the previous Caliburn A2.

The mouthpiece holds in place well and is easier to remove, so it’s a seamless experience from filling the device to vaping, disposing of the pod and updating with another when the coil runs out. Another good thing Uwell have done is add a second pod to the kit to create even better value.

Uwell Caliburn A3 - How It Looks And Practicality

Uwell has not pushed the limitations of creativity too far with this pod kit at a first glance. The Caliburn A3 measures about the same as the A2 and looks eerily similar in terms of design. It has a slightly wider mouthpiece which is curved as we mentioned earlier and the e-liquid window is larger. owever, it would’ve been great if they had the e-liquid window on both sides like with the Caliburn G2 for greater visibility.

It has a smooth textured finish but in terms of colours, they’ve kept it simple with six to pick from including blue and red. A nother great feature of this device is the fast charging, which Uwell states completely charges in only 15 minutes!

Therefore, if you vape quite frequently it won’t be too long before the battery runs out and you can start up again thanks to the fast charging. The light system shines green when between 60-100% charged, blue at 30-60% and red at 0-30%. It’s got a curved ribbed sort of effect at the bottom to demonstrate your charging level, which looks quite cool!

How To Use The Device

There’s not too much to think about with this device, as they state in their slogan for the Caliburn A3 - ‘keep simple, keep reliable’, highlighting its dependable nature for MTL vaping. Here’s how to operate the device:

  1. To turn on the device, click five times with the light indicator demonstrating it’s on. Five more to turn off the Caliburn A3.
  2. For disabling the fire button and use auto-draw only, two clicks of the fire button, with the light turning red at the bottom. Two more clicks to enable both functions.

Any Disadvantages?

The battery has the same capacity of 520mAh as the Caliburn A series. It would be more beneficial if they could match the life of the Caliburn G series, which is much better for all-day MTL vaping


To summarise, if you’ve never used a Caliburn device from Uwell we highly recommend it for mouth-to-lung vaping. The pods are so easy to fill and provide very minimal leaks (if at all) while producing fantastic flavour as expected when choosing a Uwell kit. It’s your back-to-basics device that’s easy to use and doesn’t require any vaping knowledge. Therefore, it’s perfect as a secondary device for experienced vapers and a reliable kit for those new to vaping because you can pick between auto-draw and the fire button. Best of all and probably the only reason you would purchase it if you already own the Caliburn A2 is the ability to lock the fire button and just use the auto-draw, which is a great feature addition. As an MTL kit, you can’t go wrong with the Uwell Caliburn A3 for producing consistently good e-liquid flavour.

Pioneering brand Uwell has a knack for creating excellent pod kit systems for beginner and experienced vapers alike with long-lasting coils that produce amazing flavour. But are they releasing too many Caliburn kits recently and need a refresh, or should they continue to push innovation?