What’s the Best Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquid?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 21st Apr 2021

What’s The Best Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquid?

Day to day we all live with cravings. If you have a temptation for something sweet, it’s so hard to resist a nice slice of cake or ice cream on a warm summer’s day. While some like a treat now and then, for others the sugar addiction is real. Much like the addiction to nicotine, which you tell yourself is easy to stop with smoking but it’s unfortunately a real challenge. That’s where vaping comes in, offering an alternative that allows you to drop your nicotine levels one milligram at a time at your own pace.

You can resolve two dilemmas by vaping a tasty e-liquid that includes a high level of vegetable glycerin (used in food production) and additional sweeteners. One of the best in the business at creating sweet treats to replace sugar cravings and more importantly cigarettes is Dinner Lady. We’ll run through the best Dinner Lady e-liquids you can get in 2021, but first of all, let’s see what the brand is all about.

Who Are Dinner Lady?

Founded in 2016, Vape Dinner Lady has taken the industry to another level with a range of high-quality and delicious shortfills. Expanding since then to plenty of different flavours, as well as nic salts, which are popular with beginner vapers looking for a higher concentration of nicotine, the innovation and dessert-style inspirations from each bottle of Dinner Lady juice reach all corners of the globe across 96 different countries.

Kicking off in the UK, they announced themselves with a nostalgic classic - the Dinner Lady Lemon Tart shortfill. This favourite pudding enjoyed by so many brings back memories of enjoyable homemade treats made by your mother and shared as a family after tucking into dinner. To answer the call of TPD regulations passed in 2016, Dinner Lady’s first product meets industry requirements for a shortfill bottle without nicotine, which you can later top up with a nicotine shot if you have not only sugar cravings. At 50ml, you get a delightful option to top up your device. As a business, they have not looked back since, with themes such as ‘Tuck Shop’ showing their boundless creativity and ability to set a new trend in the e-liquid space.

What Is A Shortfill?

Back in 2016, the vaping industry temporarily changed with new measures passed in parliament. To stop businesses over-marketing and create a fair opportunity for consumers, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) 2014 ensured vapers were protected. Laws including no tanks sold over 2ml and no e-liquids containing nicotine over 10ml initially shocked the industry. However, with the introduction of shortfills, where you can mix 50ml bottles of vape juice with nicotine shots of 10ml or vape completely nicotine free, manufacturers and customers reacted quickly to change.

Now you have more options than ever to help you give up smoking and vaping altogether if you wish. To get the best results and prevent going back to old ways, we always advise you to do so gradually and gently ease off nicotine, which although harmless is still addictive. With shortfills and Dinner Lady vaping in particular, you get to try something different other than tobacco and have greater control over what you inhale.

Best Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquids 2021

If you weren't already aware, nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant. Vapers and ex-smokers often raise concerns about putting on the pounds should they give up nicotine altogether. When the body refuses nicotine, you’ll naturally turn your mind to something else - which is often sugary food as a replacement. With a strong desire for something sweet, it’s really helpful to vape sweet shortfills as an alternative. At Pure E-Liquids, we love the variety of sweet treats on offer from Dinner Lady, with our favourites listed below.

1) Lemon Tart E-Liquid Shortfill

No surprise about the number one. Loved by many, it’s a subtle blend of moorish biscuit-based tart you enjoy on the exhale with a sweet but tangy sensation you get from the lemon on the inhale. Smooth throughout the experience, it’s the ideal choice if you want to skip dessert or as a vaping treat at the weekend.

Even years later since Dinner Lady e-liquids emerged, it’s still a number one hit that proves the ingenuity of the vaping industry and gives people another option other than tobacco flavour with cigarettes.

Lemon Meringue Tart on a Plate

2) Berry Tart E-Liquid Shortfill

Not quite on par with the acidic flavours and intense buttery base of the Lemon Tart e-liquid from Dinner Lady, but a close second place nevertheless! With this berry concoction, you get a lovely mixture of berries. We could certainly taste blackberries, with a blueberry flavour adding to the palette and what tasted like a hint of raspberry. Delicious!

It’s a very sweet taste, with only a mild hint of pastry flavour. If you’re after a shortfill that’s easy on the throat with smooth textures, this all-day option is a great choice. Not overpowering like the Lemon Tart but it certainly offers enough flavour to take you back to picking berries in the forest with your family.

3) Strawberry Macaroon E-Liquid Shortfill

Who needs to walk along the Parisian Champs-Elysees and sample a macaroon from a quintessential French bakery when this vape is available. Dinner Lady had their work cut out to create a flavour that resembles this famous delicacy but did a grand job with this e-liquid. You certainly get the subtle creamy rich texture from actual macaroons, but it gives a vibe of more strawberry sweets in our opinion.

If this is something you love, we highly recommend it as the Strawberry Macaroon e-liquid packs a punch in your e-liquid tank. With what feels like a few drops of almond, it ticks the box of sweetness. One to vape if you want a sugar rush and feeling tempted to pick up a chocolate bar or cake based on the intense flavour. Should you stumble across vaper’s tongue, which occurs when you vape an e-liquid too frequently, this is a nice go-to for getting back your taste buds!

4) Watermelon E-Liquid Shortfill

Picture the moment - it’s a boiling hot day in July and you are so parched. One of the best fruits to enjoy to quench that thirst and freshen up is watermelon. With this Watermelon e-liquid which is 100% nicotine-free like all the shortfills, it kicks out some serious flavour and fantastic cloud production. You get a generous mild taste of watermelon which is not overbearing like some e-liquids - not too sweet and not sour either. By the end of the day, if you vape consistently, that sugar craving will quickly vanish due to the sweeteners added to this shortfill.

5) Blackberry Crumble E-Liquid Shortfill

Last on the list because it doesn’t fulfil our expectations of a crumble (if we’re being picky), but still tasty nonetheless. Smooth on the inhale and exhale, it’s more of a tangy blackberry vape. Typically nice with mesh coils, the larger surface area will provide the fruity sweet flavour you’re seeking. The smell is fantastic when the vapour fills the air, although the crumble could be stronger. It gets a thumb up from us based on the throat kick and the least sweet of the five Dinner Lady options.

Does Dinner Lady Produce The Best Shortfills?

It completely depends on what you’re after. Generally, shortfills are designed for Sub-Ohm vaping. Therefore, it’s best if you have a shortfill with a high VG ratio, which will naturally give you a sweeter taste, thicker clouds and a smoother texture. In terms of flavour and nostalgic value, Dinner Lady is right up there with the best.

However, you also have some fantastic options with a 50/50 mix of VG and PG, should you want more discreet clouds and a stronger throat hit. The likes of IVG also offer some sweet desserts such as Jam Roly Poly from the After Dinner range, while Nasty Juice always remains present in the shortfill conversation with some delicious options to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Alternative Options to Shortfills

The good thing about vaping is the flexibility available to change your e-liquid to suit personal preference. For instance, if you’re just on the verge of switching from smoking to vaping, a shortfill is ideal for finding the right balance of nicotine and juice. You also have nic salts which are tailor-made for cigarette smokers who go through more than a pack a day, due to the high content of nicotine in nic salts.

Alternatively, you might be after the flavour boost or hoping to produce insanely large clouds. While shortfills are an option, you can do one better by opting for 100% vegetable glycerin e-liquids. For those who have propylene glycol allergies, this choice of e-liquid is particularly beneficial.


In our opinion, Dinner Lady changed the landscape of vaping forever with the introduction of some e-liquids packed with serious flavour notes and originality. Instead of plain fruit flavours, tobacco or menthol, they thought outside the box and designed desserts we can relate to and enjoy. Whether you’re wanting to reduce your sugar intake, spice up your customary inhalation of nicotine or try something different, there is a shortfill flavour in our list for every preference. If you have any questions or want to tell us about the dessert that stands out to you, don’t hesitate to leave a review on the product page or get in touch with the Pure E-Liquids team. Happy vaping!

Day to day we all live with cravings. If you have a temptation for something sweet, it’s so hard to resist a nice slice of cake or ice cream on a warm summer’s day. While some like a treat now and then, for others the sugar addiction is real. Much like the addiction to nicotine, which you tell yourself is easy to stop with smoking but it’s unfortunately a real challenge.