Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 7th May 2019

Standard and Pod Vaping Kits on Pure E-LiquidsYou might think you know vaping. If you are thoroughly accustomed to vaping, then it probably feels like second nature for you to prepare a vaping device comprising a battery, atomiser and cartridge. However, there, we are referring to what you might call a "standard" vaping device.

One noteworthy innovation in the vaping market has been the "pod kit", whereby a vaping device is provided in a physically streamlined form more closely resembling a traditional cigarette than a typical vaping device. However, pod kits have plus points far beyond their appearance.

Here's a recap of a "standard" vaping device

A typical device - which you might call an e-cigarette, e-cig or vape, as Vaping Daily acknowledges - has three crucial components. Those include the battery, which provides the e-cig's power and can often be rechargeable, though it can sometimes be disposable instead.

Then there's the atomizer, which generates heat from that battery's power. You might tend to just call the atomizer "the coil", as it is indeed a metal coil; that metal can typically be stainless steel, nickel or titanium. The wire's electrical resistance affects how much battery power is used.

The third vital part of the device is the cartridge or tank. This vessel contains the e-liquid that, when the device is in use, is converted into vapour.


How exactly does a pod kit differ?

If the above description of a traditional vaping device seemed complicated to you, well, many avid tobacco smokers can probably concur. If you have a smoking habit that you want to quit, you might have considered transitioning to vaping - and, to be more exact, to using a pod kit.

At first glance, a pod system can look a lot like a typical cigarette, though not exactly. Vaping Post points out that pod systems are usually slightly larger to accommodate more battery capacity. Were it not for this little boost in size, most pod kits would not last over an hour or two of typical use.

Still, a pod system remains largely simple in structure, comprising a small battery into which a vape juice-filled pod is snapped, making the device something of a "mini vape". As Vaping360 explains, pod kits fall into two general categories: refillable and pre-filled. Though some pod kits include power buttons, with some kits, you can make vapour automatically by just taking a drag on them.


Should you choose a refillable or pre-filled pod kit?

That's your decision; each type comes with its own pros and cons. The pre-filled devices come with e-liquid already filled in the pods, and can be easier to use on account of this. After all, you don't need to worry about which e-liquid to choose, and neither do you ever have to fill the pod yourself.

A refillable pod kit differs in including an empty pod which you can manually fill. Therefore, you are free to experiment with a wide range of flavours. However, either way, vape pod kits can deliver a cigarette-like draw suitable for smokers looking to quit.