Double Drip Coil Sauce Review - Which is the Best?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 19th Jul 2021

Vaping has been a prominent cessation tool for more than a decade now and continues to evolve as people see the benefit it has in helping smokers quit. With a wide variety of vape pods, mods, coils, tanks and e-liquids available to e-cigarette users of all levels, frankly in 2021 you’re spoilt for choice. In terms of which vape juice you’re after, there is much to consider. First of all, how much nicotine do you require in your e-liquid? What kind of flavour suits your palette and do you prefer one with a high PG ratio acting as the carrier or a higher VG ratio? All of these questions will help you know which Double Drip Coil Sauce is best for you, which poses the next thought on the tip of your tongue.

What Is Double Drip Coil Sauce?

Double Drip Coil Sauce, the reason for this review, is the latest sensation from popular brand Vampire Vape, who bought the brand from Vapouriz, the original creators of the Double Drip Coil Sauce. These eclectic flavours highlight the need for vapers to try something new, bold and enjoyable each time they vape and to steer in a different direction from traditional flavours such as tobacco and menthol. As well as Double Drip Coil Sauce nic salts, you can also buy TPD compliant 10ml e-liquids but one of the best ways you can vape and get exactly the right amount of nicotine, throat hit, flavour and cloud production is through a shortfill.

Shortfills Give You Greater Control Over Your E-Liquid

Shortfills in essence give the power back to the vaper and especially provide a sense of control never felt before by a smoker of cigarettes. This is because shortfills were a creation by the vaping industry to give vapers more vape juice for their money. Since 2016, TPD regulations stipulated that no e-liquid manufacturer or business could create a bottle of e-liquid containing over 10ml nicotine.

Instead of buying multiple bottles of 10ml e-liquids ready to vape, you can purchase a 50ml or 100ml shortfill bottle which purposefully leaves 10 millilitres of space to add a shot of nicotine if the vaper requires it. While some vapers now vape nicotine-free, which we applaud as you’re at the last step of your journey before potentially giving up cigarettes for good, others still like the option of adding a little nicotine to get the desired throat hit and familiarity you would get with a cigarette. Double Drip Coil Sauce has a range of shortfills to suit all vapers, especially appealing to those who have something of a sweet tooth.

What Is The Best Double Drip Flavour?

Now the million-dollar question - which is the best Double Drip Coil Sauce flavour to sit at the top of our review picks. Will it be a fruity combination, something milder or a shortfill bottle with a menthol hit that even a smoker would be familiar with before the menthol ban of 2020 kicked in.

1) Double Drip Strawberry Banana Waffle

For pure invention and fantastic flavour, we loved how this Double Drip Coil Sauce provides a beautiful fun blend of fruit and cake to offer a tasty dessert option. Cigarettes are addictive for several reasons and many do not realise each cigarette has roughly two spoons of sugar and acts as an appetite suppressant.

That may be one of the key reasons why so many do not want to give them up as they eat less, meaning they do not put on as much weight. However, with a Double Drip Coil Sauce Strawberry Banana Waffle shortfill, it helps you resist any urges to reach for a cigarette or multiple chocolate bars, as you look to replace smoking with another addiction!

2) Double Drip Cherry Cream Soda

Next on our list is a sweet and exciting addition to the Coil Sauce range which brings back nostalgic memories of a fizzy drink classic. Blending sour cherries with the subtle taste of soda, this lovely mix of flavours gets our seal of approval for any vaper who just wants a vape juice that’s delicious on its own or needs a bit of oomph with a nic shot.

3) Double Drip Crystal Mist

All fruits of the forest enter your mouth with this taste sensation as Double Drip merges blue raspberries with delicious black cherries to excite your palate and give you a refreshing change of pace from Pure Virginia 100% VG. This shortfill provides an 80VG/20PG ratio so you have a little bit more of a throat hit and a slightly thinner consistency so the vape is not as warm or thick in cloud density.

4) Double Drip Lemon Sherbet

Another old school classic, you can’t beat some lemon sherbet flavour in your shortfill vape juice. Offering sharp zesty notes on the exhale, lemon sherbet will give you some delightful notes when you breathe out this high VG e-liquid.

5) Double Drip Mango Tropic

Savour all the fruits you can imagine from the Caribbean such as pineapple, papaya, coconut, banana and of course mango in this wonderfully sweet shortfill with a 70% VG ratio. You can add a nicotine shot of unflavoured nicotine to get the rush you desire or keep it nicotine-free to allow those flavours on their own to give you something different for your vaping consideration.

6) Double Drip Raspberry Sherbet

Last but not least we have another sherbet flavour from Double Drip Coil Sauce, the Raspberry option. Much like the lemon version, it’s the same ratio of 80VG/20PG in a 50ml bottle that will certainly keep you busy enjoying your vape with a nostalgic option.

Like with everything in vaping, this list is subjective and put together by our team at Pure E-Liquids to highlight what we think stands out as the best Double Drip Coil Sauce flavours but that’s not the last you will hear from us as we will continue to add to the list when new choices land in our stock. Keep your eyes peeled and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or let us know in the comments section which is your favourite and why. Happy vaping!

Vaping has been a prominent cessation tool for more than a decade now and continues to evolve as people see the benefit it has in helping smokers quit. With a wide variety of vape pods, mods, coils, tanks and e-liquids available to e-cigarette users of all levels, frankly in 2021 you’re spoilt for choice.