​A Vaping 2021 Round-Up + What to Expect From 2022

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 21st Dec 2021

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While the world continues to shift and attempt to move forward positively amidst a global Coronavirus pandemic, the vaping industry is following a similar unpredictable path in 2021, full of highs and a few lows. Since its introduction as a cessation tool in China in 2003 thanks to innovator and pharmacist Hon Lik, it’s taken great strides over the past three decades. We’ve seen several trends emerge and fluctuate to help vapers quit smoking and move on to a safer alternative. This year and looking ahead to 2022, Pure E-Liquids analyses a few key moments that have shaped the industry and delves into what lies in store for e-cigarette enthusiasts.

What Happened In The 2021 Vaping Industry?

One of the major stories this year is the announcement by the UK government that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) may pass certain e-cigarette products for prescription on the NHS. This is a fantastic step in the right direction to acknowledge vaping as a cessation tool to help people give up smoking for good. Should it pass government laws and become a part of the NHS setup, it could pave the way for the worldwide acceptance of e-cigarettes. Here’s what else happened in 2021:

The Return Of The Disposable?

For the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rise of disposables as a popular method for vaping. Compact, light and most importantly disposable, it’s the ideal starter kit for a new vaper or someone simply wanting a straightforward experience with no need to top up e-liquids, change coils or batteries.

However, in recent times, it’s stepped out of the limelight ever so slightly because of the re-emergence of disposable pod systems. The need to address global climate change and being environmentally aware is also another key consideration for why the disposables lost some momentum. Nevertheless, in 2021 with popular disposable vapes such as the Geek Bar, Elf Bar and SMOK MBAR, are we seeing the rebirth and clamour for throwaway kits once more? With so many different flavours on offer and its easy no-thrills setup, it’s no wonder disposables is the latest trend again. Check them out below!

Pods And Mods Fight Back

The disposables are having a little tussle with throw away pod systems like the Elf Bar Mate 500 to see what the vaping customers want more. Each has its positives and negatives, meaning it boils down to personal preference. With a pod kit, there is more flexibility to do what you want, adjusting the wattage with some vapes and keeping the same battery. They’re better for the environment - more sustainable and long-lasting meaning cheaper for each vaper too! You can get them in freebase or nic salt nicotine depending on preference so overall it’s more flexible. In 2021, a wealth of options highlight the versatility vapers have to pick and choose what works best on a personal level.

Any Setbacks In 2021?

Unfortunately, circumstances outside of vaping, either regarding health or politics have tied up the booming vaping industry. For instance, the Covid-19 pandemic two years later rages on, meaning the UK had further lockdowns at the beginning of 2021. As a cessation tool, medical organisations like the NHS still recommend vaping as an alternative if a smoker needs to quit and this is all tied into the Coronavirus, which is predominantly a lung infection. Reducing or better yet completely stopping the need to inhale combustible tobacco from cigarettes by switching to vaping would be a step in the right direction.

From a political aspect, the UK continues to lead the way in medical research and support for the vaping industry, shining a light on its use. More of this is needed in 2022 as other countries such as the USA attempt to show e-cigarettes in a negative light.

Looking Ahead To 2022 - What To Expect

Well, with the vaping industry even with a mystic ball into the future it’s difficult to predict what’s coming up. That’s exciting and frustrating in an equal sense because any further regulations passed in parliament could buckle e-cigarettes at the knees when many organisations like the British Heart Foundation, the NHS and the British Lung Foundation back it as a safe alternative to smoking. However, there are also many positives to take forward into 2022 as well. The industry continues to excite vapers with a wide range of vape kits for all levels of vaping. Will we see a further charge from giants like GeekVape like the popular Geek Bars? Can they produce even more flavours to entice e-cigarette users and separate themselves further from any links to smoking? And what about removable prefilled pod systems like the Elf Bar Mate 500. They offer vapers not just flexibility to keep their battery devices compared to disposables but provide prefilled nic salts to continue the simplicity of vaping people love. Watch this space in 2022 as Pure E-Liquids plans to adapt to any changes and give vapers what they need - easy to use kits that help you on your cessation journey.

While the world continues to shift and attempt to move forward positively amidst a global Coronavirus pandemic, the vaping industry is following a similar unpredictable path in 2021, full of highs and a few lows.