Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Review - the Best Sub-Ohm Pod Kit Ever?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 31st Jul 2023

Vaporesso continues to dominate the vaping industry in 2023, showing time after time they know how to innovate and lead the charge, creating unique vape devices of the highest quality. Following on from popular pod kits offered in the Luxe range such as the Luxe XR and the Luxe X, the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is undoubtedly the best yet, and potentially the best Sub-Ohm compact mod available from any brand...EVER!

In this review, we explain why this is the case, what you can expect from the versatile kit and the various coil/pod options.

How Does the Luxe XR Max Differ From Others In The Vaporesso Luxe Range?

Well, to begin with, the battery capacity is seriously impressive. For a Sub-Ohm mod that fits in your pocket, to have a battery size that big that doesn’t need charging may raise curiosity and even disbelief. But Vaporesso demonstrates their ability to push the boundaries once again and do something not seen before in the industry.

Because Vaporesso taps into their partnership with Smoore atomisation technology, they’re able to create and sustain a 2800mAh battery inside a compact Sub-Ohm mod. With a 40% bigger battery than the Vaporesso Luxe X (1500mAh) and the Luxe XR (1500mAh), this means less charging and greater convenience with ultra-high-density batteries inside the Luxe XR Max.

In terms of power, the Luxe XR Max is double the wattage capability of the previous Luxe XR mod with 80W now instead of 40W (also the same 40W as the Luxe X). While the previous devices had minor leak issues from time to time, the new Luxe XR Max is designed with SSS leak-resistant technology and upon early testing shows no signs of leaking at all, which is great for holding on to every drop of vape juice!

And you just get more flexibility with the XR Max than the previous Luxe mods. And this is because of the new adjustable airflow switch, which means you can customise it to your preference. In the past, there were airflow holes and you could rotate the pod with the Luxe XR to tweak the throat hit, but not as much as you now can with the Luxe XR Max, so that’s a plus!

Key Features And Specifications

  • Huge 2800mAh battery
  • 80W adjustable power
  • Compatible with every GTX coil
  • MTL/RDL/DTL capability
  • Corex heat technology
  • Seven different colour varieties
  • Adjustable airflow switch
  • Leak-resistant SSS technology

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Coils - What Do You Get?

Another fantastic thing to shout about from the rooftops with the Luxe XR Max is its versatility. Because it supports the whole GTX mesh coil range as well as all of the previous Vaporesso Luxe pods, this means you have so many different options when vaping. Whether you want to vape a tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw or a restrictive direct lung (RDL) hit, the XR Max caters to all types with Luxe MTL, RDL and DTL pods, supporting a variety of coils.

What we also like about Vaporesso is the generosity in their vape kit package. You not only get two different coils with the 0.4 Ohm mesh and the new 0.2 Sub-Ohm mesh but in addition, there are two pods to alternate between, so you can mix and match to get the best preferred performance from the Luxe XR Max.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max - How It Looks And Practicality

Vaporesso is not only known for its high-performance vape kits but also for ergonomic designs, user-friendly menus and stylish build quality. The Luxe XR Max is no exception and looks fantastic in a compact form. There are cool LED chipset panels on either side of the menu screen, which you can turn off to save battery if needed – but why would you when it looks so slick? The pods are very visible and large for seeing your e-liquid levels, which is always a welcome bonus!

With the panels smooth and made from zinc alloy, featuring a nice matte finish, the Luxe XR Max is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The LED indicator lights up green when 60-100%, blue between 30-60% and blue to rose red when needing a charge between 0-30%. Slightly beefier than the Luxe XR, which is because of the bigger battery size, but there isn’t a major difference in size or weight.

How To Use the Device

  1. Five clicks of the fire button to turn the device on and off.
  2. Press the fire button four times to enter the menu, where you can turn on the LED light or switch off, while also activating the smart wattage or resetting the puff counter.
  3. Three clicks of the fire button to adjust the wattage with the cool touch screen buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Any Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Disadvantages?

  • It’s not a very quiet vape mod when all is considered, which tends to be the case more with high VG e-liquids and Sub-Ohm vaping. There is a slightly loud whistle, but this can be adjusted with the various settings and coils to find the best performance


Overall, this is a fantastic device and vape kit which is suited to any vaper at any time in their journey. Because you have all the different Vaporesso GTX coils and Luxe pods to pick from, this means you vape pretty much vape however you like. The build quality is fantastic, with lots of different colour schemes and the battery is simply amazing for the size of the device. It’s snug so easily fits in the pocket and yet produces these huge clouds of vapour with brilliant flavour as expected from Vaporesso.

Whatever your vape style is (MTL, DTL or RDL), you can mix and match the setup to discover a consistent performance which matches your chosen e-liquid. Because of the leak-resistant technology and generous 80W of adjustable power, it’s ideal for a beginner and can easily be used up to an advanced level stage for smooth and easy vaping on the go. We hope you like it as much as we do and feel free to reach out to the Pure E-Liquids team if you have any further questions.

Vaporesso continues to dominate the vaping industry in 2023, showing time after time they know how to innovate and lead the charge, creating unique vape devices of the highest quality.