Vaporesso’s Brand New Sub-Ohm Kit is Here!

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 18th Mar 2020

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With so many vaping devices flooding the marketplace, it can be difficult to get excited about something that claims to be truly new.

However, with the world famous Vaporesso behind the wheel, seasoned vapers and novices alike can be guaranteed to find something special.

Branded as the TARGET PM80, the brand’s latest AIO pod mod packs a mighty punch behind its tiny form factor – letting even the most experienced of vapers enjoy an experience unlike any they’ve had before on a budget device.

We take a look at who Vaporesso are and what makes the launch of their latest device so important.

Who Are Vaporesso?

Spinning out of Smoore, who were initially founded in 2006, Vaporesso is the next step in the evolution of the company. Having been in operation for over 13 years, Vaporesso sprang into existence in the wake of the ‘big bang’ of vaping in 2003. This quickly allowed them to get a leg-up on the competition, all of whom were grappling with some of the common issues that still plague vaping.

These issues included poor-quality batteries, complications around coil replacement and heating, and an inability to fine-tune the vaping experience for individual users. Add in a general failure to secure a quality form factor, and Vaporesso had their shopping list for the years ahead. The next decade saw them move from strength-to-strength, ensuring that the ‘cracked screen generation’ were going to be able to enjoy quality hardware that could take a knock or two.

Why are Vaporesso Considered Innovators?

First and foremost, they consider themselves market leaders when it comes to technical innovation. This led them to research and implement their two key USP’s; only committing to technology if it was fit for purpose, meaningfully added to the vaping experience, and was truly reliable.

The end result: the Omni Board and Axon Chip.

Built to offer customisation and fast boot-up times, the Omni Board enables a 0.001 second ‘fire rate’ from a cold start - allowing your device to heat up quickly and begin vaping with ease. This is coupled with a capacity for 0.03Ω-5Ω levels of resistance across all types of tanks – making sub-Ohm vaping an effortless possibility. The board also comes with a full colour screen complete with a touch interface, allowing you to elegantly control your device and not have to worry about button switches, and fiddly settings.

Deigned to complement this, the Axon is a smart system for your vape that allows it to automatically make intelligent choices with your settings, all of which can be pre-programmed by yourself. This allows for continuous hits of vapor every puff via. ‘pulse mode’, offers automatic temperature control, and an ‘eco mode’ to save on power without sacrificing taste. With a tagline of “get more with less”, Vaporesso have consolidated their position as significant climber, offering a reliable brand that guarantees a fantastic all round vaping experience.

Throw in the fact that the company enjoys five separate EU patents for new vaping technologies – you’re left with a brand offering an experience that no other provider can practically, or legally match. When it comes to vaping ‘as you like’ it, there is no coincidence that the brand has hit its stride as sub-Ohm vapers make their voices heard in the modern marketplace.

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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Already well known by cloud chasers, sub-Ohm vaping involves the use of a device with the ability to reach a resistance level below that of 1Ω. Choosing these options allows your device to generate larger thicker clouds than would otherwise be possible through conventional heating settings.

Ever see vapers produce massive clouds in highlight reels on YouTube?
That’s sub-Ohm vaping.

The Vaporesso line has been built from the ground up to allow for this functionality, with devices like the TARGET PM80 featuring unique wicks and coils that allow users to heat a larger surface area for more of your chosen e-liquid to pass across. This creates a voluminous cloud while still producing a smooth, full hit with no acrid aftertaste.

This mass of e-liquid also produces a rich flavour and aroma with every hit, a sensation that’s compounded when trying out direct to lung (DTL) vaping with the device. Thanks to Vaporesso custom boards and chipsets, reaching this level of resistance is quick and easy… but that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the device can actually do.

A Look at the Vaporesso TARGET PM80

With a tagline of “more power, more cloud, more flavour”, Vaporesso’s latest model has a lot to live up to. Offered at a budget conscious £29.95, the model packs a whole lot of power into a portable package.

The Vaporesso TARGET PM80’s battery clocks in at 2000mAh alongside an Axon Chip, letting this smart device allow for DTL vaping and sub-Ohm experiences, all enabled through an elegant TFT screen. This sets you up to enjoy an unprecedented degree of control over your vaping habits - truly letting you vape the way you want to. This can quickly allow you to fluidly swap between vaping types, optimise your usage, and ensure that you get the most flavour from every hit.

Available in a range of stylish colours, the brand manages to wrap their unit in a neat, contemporary casing that actually looks incredible, complete with a range of colour customisation options. Powered through a 2A micro USB, and a 102/ form factor means that it’s robust and portable – letting you quickly replace the device’s trademark ‘pods’ with ease.

Each of these 4ml pod units allow users to quickly refill the device with the e-liquid of your choice, making it hassle free to clean, with a visible fill line that lets you stay on top of your daily use. Easy to maintain, with a plug and play design, the device strips back on stress in the most frustrating parts of the vaping experience. Add in gorgeous design, you’ll feel equally at home using the device with your friends on a Friday night or breaking its slimline design in polite company.

However, it is important to acknowledge the admittedly few areas where the device falls down on. If we’re being nit-picky, the lack of a USB-C charging option can be a little frustrating for vapers used to charging their smart device and vape from the same outlet. And for a device that offers such a range of different options, the lack of a manual airflow ring can appear like an oversight. Nonetheless, this can be easily solved by changing heating settings on the device to accommodate whatever airflow you want. While this may be obvious to seasoned users, there is the risk that this may be a significant road bump to users not used to the device.

Add in generous coil life, options for customisation, and a surplus of additional features, the TARGET PM80 Pod Mod Kit will carry you through on your vaping experience – combining power, customisation, and performance in one affordable package.

What do Vaporesso Offer Vapers?

No matter the model you settle on, any Vaporesso product provides the following high quality attributes that provide the highest possible standards of care.

Part Quality: If you’re looking for quality components, you’ve found them. Each Vaporesso model comes complete with a high quality readout, coils and components, and a gorgeous form factor. This allows you to save time between replacements and stay assured of the highest standards of quality.

High-Level Customisation: If you’re not a seasoned vaper, a lot of the features available on new devices can leave you feeling a little lost. Thankfully, Vaporesso are here to help. With improvements made to user experience and through the UI, changing your setting is a breeze – taking the sting out of vaping the way you’re used to.

Cost Effectiveness: The PM80 kit is astonishingly cost effective for what you get out of the box. The model is cost conscious, logical next step up for vapers looking to extend their experience. If you’re looking to save on your weekly e-liquid purchases, switch to ‘eco’ mode and vape for longer at no extra cost.

True Support: One of Vaporesso’s outstanding qualities is their commitment to customer service with a comprehensive guarantee on their products too.

Sounds good? If you’re struggling to find a vaping device that is right for your unique needs, our team is here to help you work through your shortlist. Offering coverage over a wide range of hardware and top brands, you wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else.

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