Best Vape Starter Kit for 2023 UK Vapers

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 10th Nov 2023

Best Vape Starter Kits for 2023 Vapers

The start of the vaping journey is different for everyone, with each person having their own reasons for quitting cigarettes and turning to electronic cigarettes containing nicotine instead. Whether you select the right vape kit the first time could be the difference between successful smoking cessation and returning to cigarettes.

That’s why below we have listed some of the best vape starter kits for new vapers in 2023. And we have carefully chosen not just the best kits available right now but those from the not-too-distant past. They’ve made the cut because they do everything needed for a beginner, or bring something unique to the table.

Let’s explore the top 6 we’ve picked and why they would work as starter kits for you. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled as we add to the list with more useful vape devices for beginners!

What Type of Vape Kits Suit Beginners?

While we explore this topic in more depth with our extensive guide to different vape types, below is a quick rundown before we get into the best starter kits from the vaping world available in 2023.

Disposables: These are single-use devices with a battery already charged, liquid prefilled and coil inserted ahead of first use. You vape it (usually around 600 puffs) until the disposable is empty or the coil wears out. Ideal for beginners as it’s so easy to vape without any setup or maintenance, but not cost-effective.

Vape Pens: Slim like the important tool that you write with, they contain a battery that can be recharged. Vape pens usually have a tank on top which can be refilled and replenished with new coils. Compact and lightweight, great for carrying around but not the sturdiest. Generates more power than disposables but is limited in terms of features.

Cigalike starter kits: With a recent surge in popularity following the backlash from disposable in the media, cigalike pens are slim, and support screw-in cartridges containing prefilled e-liquid. Cheap to run, easy to vape and convenient, with multiple flavours available. Often designed to look like a cigarette for familiarity purposes for those looking to switch.

Vape Pods: Can be refillable or prefilled, pods are very popular right now due to their accessibility, versatility and user-friendly nature. Slot into place easily on top of vape pod devices, there are now lots of different types of designs, features and even Sub-Ohm pod kits available if you seek a compact vape that generates lots of cloud and warm flavours.

Vape Mods: Not advised for starters due to the higher number of features and settings available on mod devices, they are supported by vape tanks which are removable and help to customise the experience. However, some beginners may want to jump ahead and experiment with the biggest mods that provide more versatile options. Tend to be used by advanced vapers that want more power, larger clouds and less nicotine.

Best Starter Kits Available Right Now

Innokin Arcfire – Best for Flavour

This is a super impressive product. The form factor is great, it looks thick in images but on the other hand, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

Best of all, the flavour is fantastic and really consistent. The pods are designed with ‘arc-coil mesh coils’ which Innokin states have three times more longevity than standard coils, as well as providing an ultra-smooth draw and bold flavour.

The mesh coils are available in 0.8 Ohm and 1.2 Ohm so suited more towards thinner e-liquids with a loose or tight mouth-to-lung draw, which replicates the habit and sensation of smoking cigarettes.

Overall, you have a device providing not just amazing flavour but something that looks really stylish in the hand, with black trims in between uber-cool multi-coloured panels.

Vsavi Starter Kit: Best Vape Equivalent of a Cigarette

People who want to quit smoking but find it difficult is understandable. It’s an addictive habit that forms part of your routine. Therefore, when smokers look to quit, they need an alternative or replacement that eases the transition. Vaping with a starter kit is proving to be one of the most effective tools, that still contains nicotine as a substitute but with less dangerous toxins.

A starter kit in the form of something like the Vsavi Starter Kit, which can be interestingly filled with liquids yourself, or convenient prefilled cartridges, is an ideal replacement.

Not only is it easy to operate with no buttons to press or coils to change (coil preinstalled in both the prefilled and refillable tank), but a cigalike such as this one looks so similar to a cigarette in appearance and stature.

That’s half the battle already, as you have an alternative that will keep that nicotine presence, but you have greater control over the levels, and simultaneously maintain the same hand-to-mouth action!

Elf Bar Elfa Pro – Best for Heavy Smokers

Elf Bar is recognised worldwide for their game-changing disposable range, which includes the Elf Bar 600 and many more. But recently, they have shifted towards their reusable pod kit range too. Examples like the Elf Bar Mate 500 and the Elfa have been flying off the shelves! But wait- there is more! They may have designed their best yet with the Elf Bar Elfa Pro, which follows on from the Elfa with a few noticeable improvements.

The new QUAQ mesh coil technology, which can also be found in the Elf Bar 600 V2, produces serious high-quality flavour at 20mg nic salt strength. It’s great for not just people switching from smoking and seeking a suitable alternative that offers high nicotine to replicate heavy smoking habits, but also those wanting to give up disposables, which tend to cost more long-term.

In addition to that, there is a welcome enhanced modular battery, and the pods are prefilled for simplicity and also visible, so you are aware when the liquid levels are running low.

Some standard design features remain that we love from the previous Elfa kits, such as the two-tone colour gradient design. It also measures roughly the same in size, with a cylindrical shape like a cigarette, which is handy for new vapers who want something compact and familiar that fits in the pocket!

Xeo Void: Best Vape for Easy Filling

The Xeo Void has been around for a while but is always popular with our customers who appreciate the versatility and practicality of this device.

For beginners, it’s one of the best starter kits you can have because we haven’t seen a vape kit that is easier to fill from our years of experience. The chamber for liquid is built on top of the battery (don’t worry there is no crossover), so you can unscrew the mouthpiece that comes with the kit (containing the coil) and fill the liquid in.

This essentially creates a vape kit that is virtually leakproof. No spills get into this device!

And better yet, there are two different mouthpieces containing coils with the Xeo Void. So you can try Sub-Ohm vaping later or whenever you feel ready to try direct lung (DTL) vaping instead of mouth-to-lung (MTL).

Voom Pod Mod: Best Cheap Starter Kit

The Voom Pod Mod is an absolute bargain price and looks fantastic too. It’s not only convenience personified with simple slot-into-place prefilled pods (available in 12 fruity concoctions) but easy on the eye with a smooth design and interesting shape, which feels nice to hold as you vape.

Each pod contains 20mg nic salts, which is welcome for heavy smokers, with a smooth taste and just as user-friendly fixed wattage, essentially meaning you don’t need to worry about what Ohm your coil is or how much power you should generate. Instead, you auto-inhale and the wattage remains the same from the first puff to the last.

To summarise, for just over £5, you have a compact little kit that produces nice flavour, maintains high levels of nicotine for those who need it, a 500mAh battery capacity and quick charge facilities so you’re never out of battery and a stylish device that stands out when needed.

Vuse ePod 2 – Best for Smokers

Vuse (formerly Vype) are a popular brand from the United States that stays relevant by creating user-friendly devices that are designed with the beginner in mind. The ePod kit is simple and yet effective. Professional looking and discreet. Great strong flavour and reliable.

It’s got everything you need to get you started in vaping. Small enough that it fits in the pocket, and robust enough that it looks well-maintained even with the odd drop or scratch.

The non-refillable pods are 18mg in nic salt strength and offer flavours such as tropical mango or classic flavours like golden tobacco. So you can use this small and quiet pod device without causing a fuss for yourself or others.

It smells much better than cigarettes, discreet enough to carry and vape when needed. Soft to grip and with a generous 350mAh battery, it’s the perfect little starter kit for new vapers who switch over from smoking.

Vaporesso Luxe XR Max: Best for Clouds

Last on the list we have a beast in a tiny form factor – the 80W Vaporesso Luxe XR Max. This device pulls out all the stops and can frankly do it all, from MTL vaping to high puffs of vapour that you can show off to friends. If you’re new to vaping and have been intrigued by cloud chasing but don’t like the look of bulky mods that don’t fit in the pocket, the Luxe XR Max is the ideal first device.

The flavour is fantastic, the pods are easy to refill and the delivery of nicotine is on point. It’s easy to carry around and take with you wherever you need to vape some large clouds. And because the battery is huge at 2800mAh, which shocked us considering the size of this device, you don’t need to worry about charging during the day!

Plus, with a design that looks futuristic too, which we love, and a nice colour scheme, you can hold and vape a compact cloud-chasing kit for under £40.

Need Any More Assistance Choosing Your First Kit?

So, there you have it, a fine list of starter kits for all levels of vaping and interests. Your reason to quit might be for health, to save some money compared to smoking, or to try new flavours other than tobacco. Above, there should be something for everyone.

This guide has been created by and for the users, taking into account what is popular with our customers to date and has received positive reviews. But if you feel like you need any more assistance or guidance, check out our in-depth guides and product reviews, or reach out to one of the team for a chat about what product is right for you. Happy vaping!

The start of the vaping journey is different for everyone, with each person having their own reasons for quitting cigarettes and turning to electronic cigarettes containing nicotine instead.