The Beginners Guide to Cloud Chasing

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 31st Aug 2021

The Beginners Guide to Cloud Chasing

What does cloud chasing mean? If you’re wondering how your fellow vapers are creating those humongous clouds, then read on to discover all you need to know to do so, with our beginner's guide to cloud chasing. However, let’s start with the basics…

What Is Cloud Chasing?

Far from driving around the country searching the skies for the most spectacular looking stratocumulus, when it comes to vaping, cloud chasing will typically refer to the substantial vapour clouds exhaled by vapers. Otherwise known as ‘Sub-Ohm vaping’, ‘stunt vaping’ or ‘extreme vaping’, cloud chasers use Sub-Ohm or vape mod devices that allow vapers to tweak wattage settings and interchangeable parts such as coils to create their perfect cloud.

But cloud chasing is much more than just creating colossal vapour clouds for the sake of it. Veritable vaping enthusiasts have even created an art form with cloud chasing competitions taking place far and wide - spectators of the competitions are also known affectionately as ‘cloud-gazers’. With competitions taking place globally, numerous cash prizes are up for grabs should you be able to create clouds with the density needed to be a champion chaser.

Your best bet to join the ranks of cloud chasing enthusiasts is to invest in a couple of pieces of essential vape kit that will significantly increase the production of vapour.

Understanding Sub-Ohm Technology

Ideally suited to those who have found their vaping feet so to speak; the importance of understanding Sub-Ohm laws and e-cig battery safety is not to be underestimated and is essential if you’re thinking about cloud chasing.

Sub-Ohm devices use atomizer coils with a resistance that is lower than one Ohm and have an output of anywhere between 40-200 watts of power. With standard e-cigarettes producing about 5.5 watts, it’s safe to say that Sub-Ohm vaping will use much more energy and, in turn, batteries will be subjected to reasonably intensive usage.

For newbies and cloud chasing beginners, using a regulated box mod device as opposed to a mechanical mod will be the safest option. Regulated box mods will let you adjust your wattage settings but come with the bonus of installed circuitry that acts as a safety measure for your battery. However, like all electronic devices, it’s not unheard of for vape kits to become damaged and malfunction through misuse. You’ve likely spent a fair wedge on your preferred vape mod, so ensure you take care of your vape mod and its battery and ensure you store your equipment correctly whenever you're on the move.

Classic Cloud Chasing Vape Mods

To create clouds, first things first: you’ll need to find yourself a vape mod with the aforementioned Sub-Ohm capabilities. You’ll also want the device to have a decent battery life, as well as options to adjust the airflow of your vapour. A handy rule of thumb is that a tight airflow will provide you with a richer flavour. In contrast, loose airflow will increase your cloud size, though too loose an airflow will cause your clouds to lose their density, by tweaking and adjusting the airflow; you'll be able to find that sweet spot that can produce the thick and voluminous clouds that you’re seeking, with the flavour to suit your preferences.

With an abundance of features to explore and play with, we’ve selected three of the best vape mods for clouds to get you started:

GeekVape Aegis Legend 2: This cloud chaser vape is the perfect addition to anyone wanting to enter a competition or simply show off to friends. Just like the previous Aegis X from the well-liked range, it’s not only durable and lightweight with a sleek design but powerful too. Firing up to 200W using the Z 2021 tank and Z coils made from Kanthal with a mesh design, the surface area is increased compared to traditional coils to improve flavour and most importantly cloud production. You can pick from a low resistance of 0.4 Ohms or the even lower 0.2 Ohm to chuck out some serious clouds when you vape. Because of the top airflow on the Z 2021 tank, this key piece of kit will leak less. Therefore, when you’re topping up your tank regularly to keep up with the amount of e-liquid needed to Sub-Ohm vape, it makes cloud chasing much easier. You can also optimise the power by tweaking one of the four modes, such as the variable power curve.

SMOK Rigel: This dual 18650-powered vape mod offers more than enough charge to support a cloud chaser's ambitions to demonstrate their skills as an advanced vaper. Reaching up to 230W, it comfortably channels enough wattage to support that theory and likewise produces excellent flavour in the process. Like with most vape mods, the TFV9 tank that comes with the device offers adjustable airflow so you can loosen the airflow enough to pass through the coil to the tank to create more vape clouds. The tank supports not just the new T9 mesh coils made from stainless steel featuring 100% organic cotton but the older Baby Beast coils previously compatible with the SMOK Alien.

Innokin Proton Plex: Vaping continues to go through different stages. In recent years we have seen the rise of pod kits that fit in the pocket and are available at low MTL wattages. However, vape mods with more power, flavour and cloud capability are making a comeback and the Innokin Proton Plex kit is a great example of that. The biggest wattage power on our list at 235W features a 0.13 Ohm triple Plexus three in one coil for enhanced cloud production and a 0.15 Ohm Scion coil with the kit. Both combine with the bottom adjustable airflow Scion tank to create excellent results for cloud chaser vaping.

What Coils Make The Biggest Clouds?

Now that you have a device that will provide you with the ability to make great clouds, it will be the coils found in your e-liquid tank that will now require your attention. If making sizable clouds and getting maximum flavour is the name of the game, then choosing the right coils will play a significant role.

Coils are the element of your device that enables you to vape in the first place. Otherwise known as atomiser heads, coils are connected to the power from your battery, which in turn creates the heat needed to vaporise your e-liquid. Where coils in early e-cigarettes initially used one hole in which the e-liquid would be heated, in today’s market, cloud chasers can choose from dual, quadruple and even mesh coils such as the Aspire Cleito Pro Coil. In addition to this popular coil and those listed above with our favourite vape mods, you can find the rest of our coil range by clicking the button below. Alternatively, you can read our in-depth guide to discover a full explanation of vape coils, the different types such as titanium or stainless steel and how long a coil will last.

Which E-Liquid Creates The Biggest Clouds?

The majority of e-liquids that are produced will either use a PG or VG liquid base, while many will also provide a happy balance by blending the two. A general rule of thumb is that PG will enhance the flavour of your e-liquid, while the thicker viscosity of a VG liquid will increase your vapour production. If you're purely looking to create huge clouds to chase, then use the latter, such as VSAVI's 100% VG E-Liquid - which acts as a great starting point. Available in a range of flavours and strengths, this organic, great-tasting e-liquid is also great for vapers who may happen to have an allergic reaction to PG based e-liquids. However, this may be too thick in density for some vapers, as well as providing very little throat hit and could potentially clog the coils if vaped at too high a wattage.

If you’re looking for an e-liquid that will satisfy both your thirst for an extra tasty vape, as well as your ambition to go cloud chasing, then our delicious range of Short Fill E-Liquids will hit that sweet spot you’re seeking. Using an optimal balance of 70VG/30PG, choose from 0% nicotine-free flavours shots of Tropical Island, Strawberry Milkshake, Blackberry Yogurt, Granny’s Strudel or Juicy and then add a nicotine concentrate or flavourless nic-shot before shaking, and then vaping.

As mentioned, cloud chasing is typically suited to those who are used to vaping and have some knowledge with regards to the mechanics of mod vapes. Due to the tweaking of electrical currents, if you're thinking about cloud chasing, there are several factors that you'll need to take into consideration to stay safe while you vape. Get to know your gear, always read the instructions, always use a compatible battery, and if in doubt, give us a shout!

Is Cloud Chasing Giving Vaping A Bad Name?

Time to address the elephant in the room.

While cloud chasing may seem like a reasonably fun way to pass the time, there's no escaping the fact that it may not align with the reasons that spurred you on to start vaping in the first place.

If you were once a smoker, you'd probably know that vaping is a far safer alternative. Public Health England cites independent evidence that shows e-cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and that vaping has the potential to help smokers become smoke-free.

Vaping at the low temperatures that a standard e-cigarette affords will significantly reduce the potential harm that carcinogens produced by e-cig vapour may cause. Because cloud chasing requires more power and more heat, this also means that you may be increasing your risk of harm to yourself. When so much is being done by the industry to ensure that vaping provides a safer alternative to smoking, cloud chasing is somewhat counterintuitive to the cause.

If you’re serious about becoming smoke-free and leading a healthy lifestyle, cloud chasing will be something you may want to avoid. For more information regarding our products, stopping smoking, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us - or reach out on our social channels to get the conversation started in the vaping community!

What does cloud chasing mean? If you’re wondering how your fellow vapers are creating those humongous clouds, then read on to discover all you need to know to do so, with our beginner's guide to cloud chasing. However, let’s start with the basics…