How to Vape Properly

How to Vape Properly

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 8th Oct 2020

how to vape properly

Vaping for Beginners: What is Vaping & Do You Inhale Vape?

Using an electronic cigarette, vaping is the action of inhaling vapour from a portable device into the lungs. You then exhale the vapour out through your mouth and/or nostrils for a much-bigger hit packed with flavour. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or just want a smooth hit, there are plenty of options to experiment in the world of vaping.

Although you do not have to inhale to soak up the nicotine in your system - due to your mouth soft tissue doing that for you - the routine will remain the same as smoking. It will feel like a similar process, and less fussing about or trying to adapt to patches or gum. Vaping is a refreshing change of pace from smoking, and here are just five reasons why:

1. You can save by quitting smoking, with vaping a cheaper alternative.
2. You don’t consume thousands of damaging chemicals into your body.
3. Lots of different e-liquids to suit your personal preference - as they say variety is the spice of life!
4. Become part of a growing community.
5. You’ll quickly see changes to your health after giving up smoking.

Breaking Down How a Vape Works

You can buy so many different devices but they are either pre-filled (ideal for beginners) or a build-it-yourself model which is handy for adding your own liquid. We know it can be confusing, but starter kits with pre-filled cartridges or vape pens with refillable tanks are a good choice when getting to grips with vaping. These are much simpler to operate and easy to maintain.

What’s great about vaping is lots of variety in design to help you adjust with ease. For example, a ‘Cigalike’ looks just like a cigarette, so it’s a smooth transition with minimal fuss. Equally ‘Pens’ are compact, stylish and can fit in your pocket. As you can see, there is also various terminology used to describe the components that make up a vape device.

But to keep things simple here’s a helpful list of components that you will come across and may hear about:

  • Batteries can be built-in or removable. The battery is usually encased in a pen or box-shaped casing. All batteries can be re-charged.
  • Tanks are the component of your vaping device which include a reservoir to hold additional vape juice. Sometimes referred to as an ‘Atomiser’, they hold the coil.
  • There are different types of tanks which can be categorised as ‘Regular’, ‘Sub-ohm’ and ‘Rebuildable’.
  • Coils, also known as ‘Atomiser Heads’, are responsible for taking vape juice from the e-liquid tank and heating it to produce the vapour.
  • E-liquid can come in various flavours and strengths. It is made up of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). The ratios of these can alternate by e-liquid type with some being 100% VG.

Each purchase of hardware typically comes with a manual, describing how they work. However, you can pretty much find any information you need with a quick Google search. Most devices require three or five clicks to switch on and charge via a USB.

vsavi e-cigarette
xeo void vaporiser
vaporesso target pm80
A Cigalike:
VSAVI E-Cigarette
A Vape Pen:
XEO VOID Vaporiser
A Sub-Ohm Device:
Vaporesso Target PM80

Understanding How to Vape for the First Time

Although it looks easy when you see someone puffing out a huge cloud of smoke, there’s an art involved when learning how to vape. It’s different to smoking cigarettes because you inhale differently, which is explained in more depth below. Getting the right technique can affect whether you stay on the right path or end up smoking again.

To begin with, it’s about finding the ideal balance with your nicotine level. Cravings may get the better of you, so it depends on how much you want to reduce or increase the amount. For instance, a lower strength works well on a high-power battery. Providing the set up for your device is correct and you have the right combination of liquid and nicotine, you’re good to go.

Inhaling & Exhaling Without Developing Smoker’s Cough

Next, you have to think about Direct to Lung vaping (DTL) or Mouth to Lung vaping (MTL). The latter is ideal for beginners because you get a similar draw as you would with cigarettes, minus the more harmful elements. In contrast, DTL works for vape kits like sub-ohm, requiring a little more experience to produce those big clouds.

Getting a nasty cough or inhaling too much e-liquid is common among rookies, especially if you are used to short draws of nicotine from a cigarette. You don’t want to get too much of the latter in one short sharp burst, as it can be quite unpleasant. That’s why many choose the MTL approach, at least to begin with. A useful tip is to add a few drops of e-liquid to the coil, leaving for a couple of seconds to allow the liquid to burn completely between hits. This will help with getting a smooth vape and reducing the chances of a cough.

Big or Small Inhale for Vapers?

There’s no right or wrong answer here because each vape is different based on your chosen equipment. Those switching from smoking to vaping may be surprised that you have different ways to inhale the vapour.

If you seek a similar experience, MTL is ideal because it requires shorter draws into the lungs.

  1. All you have to do is hold the vapour in your mouth for a couple of seconds.
  2. Absorb enough air so it can pass into your lungs.
  3. Then slowly exhale to get that similar hit you would from smoking.

Alternatively, the cloud chasers among you looking to make legendary shapes using techniques like the ‘French Inhale’ can try Direct to Lung vaping instead. This technique is just as simple but provides a different sensation. By vaping straight to the lungs - with only a deep breath required - you get a much smoother feeling that produces bigger clouds and flavour. You can also try exhaling out through the nostrils to intensify the taste!

Finding a Suitable Vape Device

Next, it’s about finding the right device that suits your level of vaping. For beginners, it’s much easier to go with a pre-packed vape that’s already pre-filled. But you also have to consider if you want a similar draw like with smoking or something completely new. Everybody is on a different journey with vaping, and the beauty of the industry is the variety of products you can get, each tailored to the individual. There are lots of things to consider:

  • How many puffs per coil
  • DTL or MTL preference
  • Measuring what looks good against which is the most practical
  • Cost to run
  • Level of nicotine you wish to inhale

Hopefully, you’ll find an awesome device that ticks all the boxes - matching the inhaling technique you enjoy while looking the part too!

The Best E-Liquid for the Perfect Vape

Finally, it’s important to consider the best liquid to pack in your chosen device. Missing the taste menthol? That’s no longer an issue despite the menthol cigarette ban in 2020 - with menthol and ‘cool’ flavoured e-liquids. Or do you feel you’ll be someone who will want to change between the juiciest fruit flavours going? With the likes of Cherry and Grape available in our online store, there are plenty of choices. The perfect e-liquids are out there, you just have to weigh up your options and whittle it down to a favourite or two.