Finding Your Best e-Cigarette

Which e-Cigarette Should I Buy?

Here at PEL we have done most of the homework for you. We comb the e cigarette market looking for the best e cigarette and best vaping products so that here you are presented with a choice that represents the best of the best.

However there are still a number of choices that the user has to make and these choices will depend on what you feel will best suit your needs. Some vapers will prefer the look and feel of a cigarette style vape pen while others will not mind the shape and size and simply want the most powerful vaping device.

Below we have a simple info-graphic to help guide you through selecting the best vape product for your needs.

What about my Nicotine?

The amount of nicotine hit you receive is not solely dependant on the power of your vaping device and is more to do with the e liquid strength of your e liquid. For devices like the larger vape mods you will be using a significantly lower nicotine strength e juice, perhaps 3 mg strength - you get more vapour but the nicotine is at a lower strength. With the shisha pens or smaller vape pens you may get less extreme vapour but you are using a higher strength e liquid, perhaps 12 mg or 18 mg.

Remember that both the larger and smaller vape devices deliver more "smoke" or vapour than your typical cigarette!

Infographic: Which e-cigarette to buy