Vape Device Likes and Dislikes

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 4th Mar 2022

Mixture of Vape Devices Highlighting Features and Settings

Vape Device Likes and Dislikes

Vaping is one of those subjects that always divides opinion, causing heated debates among peers but ultimately acts as a tool to help people quit smoking by using a safer nicotine alternative. However, because you have so much choice these days and the technicality of vaping can feel quite intense and confusing, sometimes it is best to stick to the basics. 

Following the trends of vaping to understand what’s hot right now is important, so you can pick the best kit. Nevertheless, what one person may rave about as a must-have setting on a kit is not necessarily what you’re after. Below we have picked features and settings we think are essentials and some gimmicks that are not always what they’re cracked up to be.

Features and Settings Vapers Will Always Love

Vaping is subjective - which is one of the factors behind the industry's popularity for those switching from smoking. Instead of a boring cigarette that seriously damages your health short-term and long-term, instead, you have a wide range of electronic devices that are adjustable to get that nicotine delivery, offering multiple flavours from desserts to fruity mixes by using a familiar routine. What’s ideal when you pick up a vape is you have more options to help ensure that the delivery matches what you expect, creates the nicotine hit you require similar to smoking and prevents a return to cigarettes. Here are a few design features that we love in vaping, helping both new starters and experienced alike in their daily routines:

Pod Systems

For the past few years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of pod kit systems. The big brands like Voopoo, Smok, Uwell and Innokin continue to create easy to fill pods that go on to the pod kit with ease, which you can then remove efficiently. You can get prefilled pods that you throw away when they’re done and refillable pods to create a super simple system for vaping on the go. Vapers love this easy practice to keep up with modern-day life and it can help take the fuss out of vaping compared to filling tanks, which sometimes need a little more care and patience.

Woman Vaping Using Auto-Draw


This is pretty standard practice now with mouth to lung kits and creates the closest experience to smoking. When you combine this method alongside a small amount of vapour, it’s the kind of discreet simplistic experience vapers crave that switches from smoking cigarettes. A lot of MTL kits offer this option as well as button fire, so it’s nice to have the choice of both instead, in comparison to pressing the button all the time, which can also go off in the pocket if the lock system isn’t very good. Auto-draw adds to the overall experience and simplifies matters for all vapers.

Adjustable Wattage

In the beginning, it’s a welcome feature to have vape kits that have fixed wattage because it leaves no surprises about what the flavour might be. You either enjoy the same consistency from the wattage given, or it’s not the vape for you. Although it takes the complications out of locating the right wattage to match the coil resistance, it has its limitations. 

But further down the line in your vaping journey and what we think is important with any kit (apart from disposables) is adjustable wattage. This is because it gives the vaper great power over how they customise their experience. It also helps prevent coils from burning when you up the wattage because you can use trial and error to find the right sweet spot. 

Controllable Airflow

Are you a fan of clouds for days or just in it for the nicotine hit to reduce your chances of picking up a cigarette? Whatever your preference for the amount of vapour produced, it’s so useful to have a vape device that offers adjustable airflow, and a good one too. 

It all depends on how you like your airflow; whether it’s dense, rich in flavour and voluminous clouds galore with the airflow wide open direct lung style or mouth to lung like you would puff on a cigarette, vaping minimal cloud and a tight draw that’s all about the satisfaction and throat hit. A controllable airflow that’s designed the right way and facilitates both of these options is your best bet. It’s important to pick the right vape that matches that experience you expect and is easily manageable. 

Settings/Features We Could Do Without

While you may not want all of the features listed above (let us know on our social channels or reviews of products what you do prefer), it’s nice to pick up a kit that offers a couple stated above. And what we do know is some trends go in and out of style in the blink of an eye. One day it’s popular and everybody wants a vape that everybody else is using and then as quickly as you run out of e-liquid, that trend vanishes into thin air. Some features on a vape still used today are just not needed - gimmicks at best that make it look more flashy or desirable (in the eyes of the manufacturer at least).

Temperature Control

We have covered temperature control extensively in the past and recognise its value as a feature on a vape. However, it feels like that trend has been and gone, with many vapers now disregarding it and purely focusing on adjustable wattage only. It just complicates the e-cigarette user - especially those new to the scene. With so many settings to pick from, including TC, sometimes it’s best to have a back-to-basics device that only offers a couple of customisable settings, to improve navigation for the user.

Voopoo Vape Device With Button and Auto-Draw

Fire Buttons That Don’t Lock With Auto-Draw

So you have two types of devices, those that are strictly auto-draw only activated by the mouthpiece and the kits with auto-draw and fire button capabilities. With those that have fire buttons, it’s typically five clicks to turn it on and off, plus a combination to lock the device. 

What’s frustrating about many devices that offer both functions is the lack of sense in creating a device that can lock the fire button while you auto-draw. Some manufacturers even offer the possibility on some of their kits but not others. It defies logic, causes more issues if the device goes off in your pocket/bag if left on and takes away from the whole experience and point of having an auto-draw device. 

Batteries That Rattle and Loud Tanks!

Minor issues such as these creating an unnecessary noise takes away from the whole vape experience and sometimes even annoys vapers so much they turn to a cigarette.

Manufacturers should try their utmost to create a device where the battery door does not rattle as it’s just plain annoying! Meanwhile, loud tanks (often Sub-Ohm) that create a loud hissing noise when you vape with the airflow wide open is another grievance with vapers. Unless you close the airflow on some loud kits, it can turn into a negative experience.

Bypass Mode

This is a debatable feature of ‘advanced vaping’ and leaves little to be desired unless you like the max power from your vape. Essentially, bypass mode skips adjustable wattage and goes directly to the highest wattage setting. Unless you have Kanthal, it’s not advised and could burn out your coils, especially if your vape goes above 150W, as most coils perform well at a max range of around 120W. 

Vaping is one of those subjects that always divides opinion, causing heated debates among peers but ultimately acts as a tool to help people quit smoking by using a safer nicotine alternative.